Why didn't Naruto kill Sasuke


Sasuke is still looking down at Team 7, explaining to them that his bond with his brother is very different from the bond between a friend or relative. It consists only of his hatred and is free from any other feelings. With these words, Naruto remembers how he fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End. At that time he asked him if he could not understand him and come back to his senses, but Sasuke pushed him away and explained to him that he would understand nothing at all, since he himself had never had a family that could have been taken from him. And if Naruto insists on saving Sasuke for so long, then he just has to cut the bond that binds them.

Naruto angrily wants to know why Sasuke didn't kill him on this occasion. He asks Sasuke if this is his way of cutting a ribbon. Sakura looks at Naruto confused and then sad. Sasuke replies that the answer to this question is very simple. It's not that he couldn't have killed Naruto, he just didn't want to do what Itachi told him to do. He told him that night when he murdered her entire clan that Sasuke could also wake up the Mangekyou Sharingan, but that this is only possible if he kills his best friend. Sasuke didn't kill Naruto in their fight because he didn't want to get stronger in the way Itachi told him, but wanted to find his own way. Sasuke now also remembers her fight and says that he just let Naruto live on a whim back then.

As soon as he has said that, he is already standing next to Naruto and has an arm around his neck. Sakura and Yamato, who are standing next to Naruto, are both amazed and shocked that Sasuke is so incredibly fast. However, he is unimpressed by their reactions and asks Naruto if it wasn't even his dream to become Hokage. He says he should spend his time exercising instead of wasting it looking for him. Sasuke slowly draws his sword and says that this time he will kill Naruto on a whim. However, Naruto makes no move to flee, instead he says that someone who cannot save even a single friend is not worth becoming Hokage.

Sasuke now wants to stab, but Sai intervenes and stops him by blocking the hand in which Sasuke is holding his sword, but at the same time has his sword in attack position. Sasuke admits that this is the right path to stop his attack, whereupon Naruto escapes Sasuke's grip by twisting around his arm like a gymnastics machine. Yamato sees his chance and shoots a tendril from his body at Sasuke, who sees no other way out than using the expanded form of his Chidori, Chidori Nagashi, to hurl Naruto, Sai, and Yamato's attacks away at the same time. During this attack, the pendant that Naruto received from Tsunade and that serves to keep the Kyubi in him under control is also released. Sakura is amazed that Sasuke manages to create a chidori all over her body, but then turns back to the fight.

She remembers that she promised Naruto that in the next fight she would not only stand in the way, but help him save Sasuke. So she now concentrates Chakra in her right fist and runs towards Sasuke, realizing that she has to save Sasuke on her own now, where Naruto and Sai are passed out. However, Sasuke also concentrates his chakra and guides it into his sword, whereupon Yamato throws himself in front of Sakura. This breaks off her attack, but Sai attacks Yamato instead. Although he has drawn a kunai, it is simply cut through by Sasuke's sword. Then he hits Yamato on the shoulder and pushes him against a rock. He looks down at Yamato spitefully and says that this is the wrong way to fend off his attack.

Yamato now notices that his body is going numb and he can no longer hold the kunai. He analyzes Sasuke's attack and discovers that he has led a chidori into his sword. In this way he could not only increase the sharpness of the sword to its maximum, but also ensure that the part of the body that is pierced with the sword becomes numb from the electricity. In the meantime, Yamato's doppelganger feels the pain of its creator and therefore dissolves. Kabuto takes the opportunity and frees himself with the help of his chakra scalpel, whereupon he says that something interesting must be going on over there where the explosion took place earlier. Sasuke looks over to Naruto, who has activated the Kyubi chakra again.

Naruto is then back in the world within his soul and stands in front of the cage of the Kyubi. He tells him that he should finally use his strength and that they should show the others how strong they are together. When Naruto doesn't answer, orange bubbles form in front of the cage, which gradually deform into the Kyubi's head and claws. He wants to know from Naruto why he hesitates, to which Naruto replies that he should leave. He no longer needs his power to be strong, but the Kyubi laughs at him and asks who it is he wants to kill. After all, he was the one who kept saying that the Kyubi should give him his strength. But Naruto orders him to stay away from him.

At this moment Sasuke appears next to him. The Kyubi immediately recognizes that he must be an Uchiha, but Naruto wonders how it can be that Sasuke is in his soul. He explains to him that he can finally see the source of Naruto's mysterious power and that he could never have imagined that such a being lives within Naruto's body. The Kyubi means that Sasuke can only see him inside Naruto because he has the cursed Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan. Sasuke notices that it is probably not the first time that the Kyubi has contact with the Sharingan and therefore realizes that this being who stands in front of him must be the Kyubi. When he then says that Sasuke has these cursed eyes and a chakra even more evil than his own, he compares him to Madara Uchiha. Sasuke grabs the Kyubi's nose and pulls it so that the bubbles burst. He explains that he has no idea who this person is supposed to be. The Kyubi then gives him the advice not to kill Naruto because he would regret it all his life.

Yamato uses the opportunity in which Sasuke is waiting for Naruto to get back on his feet and forms the necessary finger signs to let a wooden tendril grow out of his wound and thus repel Sasuke's sword. Sasuke himself swayed slightly, which Yamato in turn takes advantage of and forms a wooden dome that Sasuke is supposed to enclose. However, he can easily escape from his prison and ends up back on the cliff, where he was at the beginning. Sai, Sakura, Yamato and Naruto now look up at him ...

[Since this episode was a one-hour special, there was also a raffle as usual. Many Naruto characters were shown picnicking under cherry trees.]