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Weather API in comparison: Top 5 list, features, special APIs

Top5 - These are the most important providers:

It used to be easier: The Google Weather API was the most important source for weather data - it was the most widely used worldwide. Until a few years ago it was turned off from one day to the next. Without notice.

The positive thing is - after all - that many new providers have been able to establish themselves as a result. Since only very few developers are also meteorologists, choosing the right data provider is difficult.

Here in short form the most important providers:

Openweathermap API

The US boys have succeeded in establishing themselves as the successor to the Google API for many. No wonder, because the company is also headquartered - guess what! - in Mountain View, California.

In addition to current weather data, 5-day forecasts and 16-day forecasts (note: it is hardly possible to make reliable forecasts over this period!) Openweathermap also offers historical weather data and much more.

The pricing model is based on the number of queries per minute. Up to 60 / min are free, after that packages are provided from $ 40 per month.

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Darksky API

First of all, don't get confused here: Darksky was recently called Forecast.io. The latter name still haunts the web a lot, but it is the same provider.

The company based in Cambrige / USA is best known for its popular Darksky Weather App (iOS and Android), but also offers an API for business customers. In addition to the current weather, forecasts over 7 days are offered. There are also local rain forecasts and historical weather data.

The price model at Darksky is particularly simple, unless you make a mistake with the decimal places: 1,000 queries a day are free. Each additional one costs $ 0.0001. In other words, for one dollar you can get 10,000 queries a day.

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Wunderground API

The API of this US-based company is one of the most widely used in the English-speaking world. The range of weather data is very extensive and, in addition to current weather data and forecasts for up to 10 days, also includes, for example, webcam images, tropical storms or the tides.

The pricing is a bit more complex because it depends not only on the number of queries but also on the selected weather parameters. In addition to free access for up to 500 views per day, paid packages are available starting at $ 20 per month.

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Yahoo Weather API

Yahoo offers numerous APIs, including for weather. The range of functions is less than that of many other providers, but current weather data and forecasts are of course included.

The reliability and quality of the forecasts can be discussed (as everywhere), according to my personal assessment and not least because the Yahoo data was thrown out of the app preinstalled in the iOS some time ago, the quality of the weather data is at least somewhat questionable.

The positive at the end: For private, non-commercial projects, all data can be accessed free of charge without restriction.

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AccuWeather API

Founded in 1962, AccuWeather claims to have 180,000 third-party websites using your data today. The API covers the entire range of parameters: from current weather to a wide variety of forecasts and air quality. AccuWeather attaches particular importance to the documentation: It is quite extensive and leaves no questions unanswered.

In contrast, the prices and conditions are kept a secret. These are not publicly available and must be requested by email from AccuWeather sales. So a bit cumbersome and not for the impatient.

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