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Best friend: 8 things she should definitely be able to do

A best friend is one of the most valuable of all. Our life would be a lot sadder without her by our side. Fortunately, almost every woman has a great and crisis-proof best friend by her side, and that is very lucky!

And you always have to remember: Your best friend has to endure all our peculiarities and quirks, and - in contrast to our loved one - without rose-colored glasses. She likes us anyway, just for our own sake.

A best friend must also be able to do a lot in other ways. Yes, you could almost compare it to the proverbial wool milk sow that lays eggs. Because to be the one, true, dearest and best bosom friend, the BFF (Best Friends Forever), you have to have a few skills and character traits.

Here are our top eight most important qualities of being a best friend:

#1. Paws off in love

In matters of love, best friends should protect themselves from unnecessary squabbles. In other words: No man should be worth risking friendship for him. Each of them should therefore always stick to seeing the friend, crush or date of the other completely platonic - and behave that way. Getting in each other's way when it comes to men is a no-go among BFFs.

However, when it comes to the question of whether you can start a relationship with your best friend's ex-boyfriend, opinions are divided. It's OK not to have anyone's heart broken. And it certainly requires a certain adjustment and a lot of sensitivity from everyone involved. But your girlfriend should be worth that too.

# 2. A question of humor

A best friend should share our sense of humor. Because hardly anything connects more than when you can laugh at the same things. Even if it doesn't have to be a selection criterion now - there are sure to be great, serious friendships without a lot of nonsense and laughter. Still, laughing together between friends is simply something that connects deeply.

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# 3. Always an open ear

The best friend listens to us - even if we tell about our new dream boy for the hundredth time. And she has to comfort us when we are lovesick and, if necessary, have one or the other politically incorrect, man-hostile saying on it. It's not exactly fair, but it helps a lot with heartbreak.

The fact is that people are very distinguished when they are good listeners and not just wait for a cue from their counterpart in order to talk about their own concerns and sensitivities. Anyone who can do that has a good basis for a deep, long friendship.

# 4. The willingness to make sacrifices

Being there for eachother. It's easy to say, but when the going gets tough, you're often left alone. It's different with your best friend. In an emergency, she would even have to cancel a date with Adam Levine or Chris Hemsworth if we are not doing well (of course we would let her go anyway!).

In good friendships, however, it is important to handle this privilege carefully and not to take advantage of it. To be there for the other person immediately, to have an open ear and to offer help - that is friendship. But as a person seeking help, not demanding and accepting everything - that is also friendship.

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# 5. Best friend core competencies I

Your best friend knows how to tick. Being able to show yourself openly and vulnerable, not having to play a role, not pretending to be in a good mood: all of this should be normal among best friends.

And that also applies to all areas: We can show ourselves how we are: no make-up, relaxed, imperfect with all our little mistakes. We don't have to be shy about a best friend because we know: we are in good hands with her, here we can let go.

# 6. Best friend core competencies II

Even if opposites attract, the basic tendencies of two people must be similar. Especially with best friends. It's just too tight, too open and honest for that. Ideally, our best friend should therefore tick as much as we do and see the world with similar eyes.

This is the only way we can have this feeling of total familiarity. I'm sure you know that. It's the moments when you feel that you understand each other as a bling. And that you understand things without the other having to express them.

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# 7. No strangeness

How you can always tell how close your best friend is: When she has not been there for a long time in our life. Usually the sentence is correct: Out of sight, out of mind. But there is no such thing with her. Even if you haven't seen each other in a long time, you are totally familiar with her again. And that's really only the case with your best friend.

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#8th. Real friendship means through thick and thin

Nobody is without mistakes and always does everything right. And that's absolutely OK, provided you recognize your mistakes, admit them and also regret them. This is exactly what distinguishes your best friend. She always stands by you and forgives you for one or the other mistake. Because she knows that friendship is worth being understanding rather than resentful.

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