What are the best football blog sites

Blog worlds: The ten best football blogs

Kick-off on the Internet: Our guest author Stefan Heinrich presents football blogs worth reading - heroes on the hard court, fans on the back straight and 5 friends on the sidelines.

Basically, the fan curves in German football stadiums are exactly the same today as they were ten or twenty years ago: a swirling mass of brightly dressed, beer-drinking men of all ages. In the meantime, however, whole families and former soccer haters are increasingly turning - because soccer has been a social event since the 2006 World Cup and many of the boys look so cute down there on the lawn. For die-hard fans, not only the female curve fan is a new phenomenon, now the Internet has also created another competitor for the place in the fan curve: the football blog!

1. The blogs of the individual Bundesliga clubs! Each side has its very own charm: Some deal seriously, critically or simply cheerfully with their favorite club. A great way to browse the world of football fans.

2. Block 11: The editors of the football magazine 11 Freunde maintains their own blog here. From the topic “The animals behind the stars” to the “Fans” section, there is a whole range of articles that provide a culturally sophisticated perspective on the Germans' second favorite hobby. Worth reading!

Ticket sales via blogs, virtual fan magazines on the Internet: our guest author and football enthusiast Stefan Heinrich about Web 2.0 and ball sports. " Continue reading

3. 15:00 tactics meeting: On the home page you can find short messages from the overview. The most important messages from the world of football are written down here briefly and concisely. The numerous sub-pages contain longer articles on a wide variety of topics: "In the individual review", "On the square" and "Fan culture", to name just three. Interesting site to spend a few hours on.

4. 5 friends on the sidelines: A blog that deals with all facets of football. Driven by more than five authors who, according to their own statements, "talk about football in a highly subjective, unreflective manner and only referring to their own experiences, often clouded by alcohol". Very funny!

5. Hard court heroes: A site that is all about amateur football. You can see the video of the “60-meter hammer” from the district league last weekend. In the blog, everyone can write down their mustard for free kicking. Something else!

6. Back straight Gerd: Now I'm talking. Blog of a St. Pauli fan who works in a very satirical way what is happening in our Bundesliga stadiums. Gerd, who doesn't want to give his real name out of fear of the soccer mafia, deals with things like “Bratwurst anarchy” or “horizontal ascent”.

7. Soccergirlz: Football from the point of view of the female "curve fans". In addition to a "topless" photo of Jermaine Jones on the home page, there are almost exclusively half-naked kickers!?! Without words.

8. Jersey blog: A blog that exclusively talks about the art and look of soccer jerseys. Actually quite nice, but unfortunately there is a commercial provider behind it.

9. Jogi's boys: The German noble kickers with a difference! This is less about World Cup qualification points and trophies, but more about what the football fan is really interested in.

10. Footballers talk a lot: The quotes from the boys in shorts are examined again here for their social relevance. There is also a comprehensive sayings database. Lots of quotes that enrich life - a blog to indulge in!

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