What are the uses of cyclohexanone

Cyclohexanone C.6H10O


Clear, oily liquid,
which turns yellow in the air
molar mass 98.142 g / mol

AGW 20 ml / m3 (TRGS 900)
density 0.9478 g / cm3   
Melting point −27.93 ° C
boiling point +155.4 ° C
Water solubility Conc. At 25 ° C 96 g / l
Refractive index  1,4507
Explosion limit1.1 to 9.4% by volume (air)
Flash point +44 ° C
Ignition point +420 ° C
GHS 02
GHS 05
GHS 07

Hazard classes + category   
Flammable liquids 3
Acute toxicity oral 4
Acute toxicity dermal 4
Acute toxicity inhalation 4
Skin corrosion / irritation 2
Serious eye damage 1
HP rates (see also note)       
H 226, 302, 312, 315, 318, 332
P 210, 261, 280.1-3 + 7, 305 + 351 + 338
disposal G 1

Print a labelGerman designation 
Synonyms (German)
English designation 
CAS 108-94-1
Pimeline ketone
Pimelic ketones
Cyclohexanone is a colorless, slightly oily liquid that smells like peppermint and turns yellow when exposed to air. It is sparingly soluble in water and dissolves well in organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, acetone or chloroform. Cyclohexanone shows the typical chemical reactions of ketones, enamines are formed with secondary amines, and imines are formed with primary amines or ammonia. It can be reduced to cyclohexanol with sodium borohydride. With nitric acid or potassium permanganate, it oxidizes to adipic acid.


Cyclohexanone gradually turns yellow in air.
Cyclohexanone is produced by oxidizing cyclohexanol with dilute nitric acid or with the aid of zinc oxide catalysts at a higher temperature. It is obtained in the laboratory by oxidizing chromium (VI) salts such as sodium dichromate. In the catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane, it is formed in a mixture with cyclohexanol.
Cyclohexanone is an important intermediate in the chemical industry for the production of raw materials such as ε-caprolactam or adipic acid for the production of synthetic fibers. For example, ε-caprolactam is required to manufacture perlon, while adipic acid is used to manufacture nylon. Cyclohexanone is also suitable as a solvent for PVC, synthetic resins or basic dyes.