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So how works this one? -You screw it onto the barrel.
- ¿entonces cómo utilizas esta cosa? - atornillas eso en el barril.
Mr. Garrett, how works the thing?
How works the reef? Very easily.
so Lewis how works the reminder scanner?
Now, how works the voting process?
How works counting pages?
How works the control system in Germany?
Hobson? How works such a tea bag?
Hobson, ¿Cómo va lo de las bolsitas de té?
I know my system works then I've gone through it a thousand times in my head
How works what you do?
Now, how works that exactly? Well, I place the bees on the skin at the infection sites.
Todo lo que me ofreció el vendedor, lo compré.
How works protect the transferring body evidence?
¿Cómo se protegen pruebas trasladando un cadáver?
How works the one with the key?
How works the brick dust outside the door?
Many people also want to know: How works the?
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