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There are different types of Missions in Star Trek Online. Episodic missions that focus on the main story found missions acquired in the sector room and queued missions. The latter two focus on either ground or space combat, but episodic attacks mostly use both.

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Episodic missions tell the story of Star Trek in 2409 and 2410.

Episodic missions are those that are part of the main Star Trek Online story and are available through the Missions window. Missions are grouped into arcs that focus on specific stories like the Klingon War or the Delta Quandrant. However, there are missions within these arcs that are not directly tied into the overall story. In the past, the mission sheets were called "episodes". In a new single mission, however, the term "feature episode" is widely used.

Episodes and missions follow a very similar structure to most other MMORPGs. You will be received by a non-player character (NPC), added to your tasks and then carried out by the player. The player then contacts the original NPC who gave the mission (ideally via the "Call Starfleet" button) in order to receive his reward (s). Some content destinations are automatically assigned to the player when entering a certain area, e.g. B. "Star base 24" or when an opposing signal content intervenes in "sector space". The total length of the mission is usually between 15 minutes and an hour.

Rewards for completing episodes and missions are usually skill points and expertise. Some missions also grant energy credits as well as dilithium. Sometimes they give the player additional rewards including (but not limited to): a new bridge officer, armor, or a new starship item like a deflector or cannon. These rewards will be reduced upon repetition (note: not all missions can be repeated).

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