What are the largest villas in the world

One like no other: "The One" is considered the superlative among luxury villas. A record breaking Los Angeles property with nearly 10,000 square feet and a price tag of nearly $ 350 million. Our American colleagues from AD will show you the most expensive house in the world.

After almost a decade of planning and building, what is now known as “the most expensive house in the world” can now finally be visited. Located on a five-acre property in the posh Bel Air district of Los Angeles and meaningfully referred to as “The One”, the interior of the 9,750-square-meter property remained a well-kept secret. Until now, at least. Because AD has thrown an exclusive look behind the gates of this record-breaking property and also shows the people behind the luxury villa with the price of 340 million dollars.

The most expensive residential building in the world is "The One" in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles

The luxury villa has its own cigar lounge. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Surrounded on three sides by a moat and on the fourth by a 120-meter-long jogging path, the spacious mansion almost seems to float above the city. The construction time was eight years, 600 companies were involved. It was designed by architect Paul McClean, who was hired by owner and developer Nile Niami to finally realize his monumental dream.

A 20-meter swimming pool and TechnoGym equipment for home workouts. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

"The project was exciting - but also intimidating," says McClean. But the impressive location of the building site and its longstanding relationship with Niami ultimately convinced McClean not to just take over the planning, but rather to "create something unique and spectacular."

A custom-made tequila bar with a rear wall made of smoky mirror surfaces, marble worktops - and plenty of tequila behind the counter. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

And McClean did deliver. With its eight-meter-high ceilings, the main entrance of the house leads to a number of meeting areas - with 360-degree panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains. In the entrance area, water is reflected as far as the eye can see; only interrupted by a sculpture and a bridge. “We like to involve water in our designs because it brings a sensory change that helps us to get involved with our surroundings,” says McClean.

An integrated hair and beauty salon, because: why not? (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

The repeated use of black, white, but also shades of gray was based on Niami's desire for a neutral palette that accentuates the surrounding landscape and panoramas.

Nine-meter-high palm trees and a shimmering swimming pool in front of "The One", which will be the most expensive house in the world on the market. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

In any case, McClean was inspired by the surroundings - especially the history of modernism in Los Angeles - and blurred the boundaries between the inside and the outside "to enable the typical L.A. lifestyle on a grand scale," he explains. “So that the house feels homely despite its size, we have separated the rooms from the actual living areas for pure entertainment. These more common areas are on the lower level; they are the base for the rest of the house and thus reduce the apparent mass. "

The rotating white sculpture entitled "Unity" by Mike Fields is, so to speak, the anchor in the foyer of the house, in which a custom-made white Murano glass chandelier also hangs. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

How many rooms does the most expensive villa in the world have?

In addition to the eye-catching design, the in-house statistics are also breathtaking. There are a total of 42 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a 510 square meter master suite, 30 garages with two car turntables, a bowling area with four lanes, a spa level, a cinema with 30 seats, a "philanthropy wing" with a capacity of 200 guests for charity galas (with floating gondolas that reveal a view of Los Angeles), plus a 930 square meter sky deck and five swimming pools.

A spacious bedroom. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Together with Niami, Kathryn Rotondi, founder of KFR Design, designed the interior: striking rooms that, despite the size of the house, always merge. "I am inspired by the 'wow' factor in the hotel industry," says Rotondi, who took inspiration from icons from the luxury hotel sector such as Aman, Bulgari and Baccarat. The house's color palette, soft textures, and lighting pay homage to the Tom Ford Boutique on Rodeo Drive, a shared favorite with Niami and McClean.

There is an Oto Murano chandelier by Vistosi and parquet flooring in the guest house. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

The art collection is just one of the special features of the property

Thanks to the collaboration between Creative Art Partners and Art Angeles, the property also has an impressive art collection, including a butterfly installation by Stephen Wilson in the basement and a custom-made black and silver board by Niclas Castello in the office. There is also a sizeable collection of custom-made furniture from Showroom.

Custom-made LEDs and black lacquer shelves from Italy set the tone in the duplex library. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Due to recently passed city ordinances, a house of this size (thankfully - Editor's note) cannot be built again in Los Angeles, which means that “The One” will remain unique in the future. “This project has been a long and educational journey for all of us,” says McClean. "We approached it full of excitement and it was exciting to actually make it, but I don't think either of us had any idea how much effort and time it would ultimately take to complete."

Individually curated works of art from Creative Art Partners adorn the gallery. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

So now the only thing missing is the right buyer. Branden and Rayni Williams from The Beverly Hills Estates, along with Aaron Kirman from Compass, take care of this final step.

First appeared on Architectural Digest.