Non-replaceable batteries are also swelling

At the pollutant collection point in the Breinermoor waste disposal center, private households can hand in small amounts of their problematic substances free of charge.

Waste containing pollutants includes:

  • Waste electrical (electronic) devices with lithium batteries
  • Old drugs
  • Broken thermometer (contains mercury)
  • LED and energy saving lamps
  • Dry batteries
  • Car batteries,
  • Batteries from electric bicycles (e-bikes) via the trade
  • Mercury batteries
  • Photo chemicals
  • Paints, varnishes, solvents
  • Household chemicals
  • Plant protection products / biocides
  • oily wastes
  • Waste oil (chargeable)

Waste electrical (electronic) devices with lithium batteries

Replaceable batteries must be removed from all devices prior to delivery. Lithium batteries are to be disposed of separately.

For Waste oil a disposal fee of € 0.25 per left raised.

tip: You can return the used oil to the place where you bought fresh oil. Your seller has to buy the used oil from you, but only if it is clean.

You must not mix the used oil with coolant, brake fluid, turpentine or the like. The seller is responsible for the further disposal of the used oil.

More information can be found here.