Did Atlantis worship a god

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                              Atlantis I

                     Atlantis - The prehistory

1. Visions

Everyone has “visions”. Because every person has a soul in which all knowledge is stored.
It is also possible to open oneself to the “Cosmic Spirit Field”, all of the knowledge from the beginning of the
Being on contains. Including the story of creation as well as the origin and destination of all
Creatures which also contain the meaning and purpose of earth life.

All the thoughts that every being has (regardless of whether it exists in space without a physical body
or living on earth as a physical person) has ever thought in the “Cosmic Spirit Field” of the
so-called "AKASHA Chronicle" are recorded (as well as all life courses and situations,
which already exist as thought-forms and will be realized on the material level in the future
must) is reality, cannot be denied. Because of this law it was "JOHANNES" possible
all the things that are written down in the "Revelation of John" in the New Testament of the Bible
stand, so the
To "see" processes that have taken place in the last 2000 years and will take place in the near future.
The same applies to e.g. Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet).

The statement of the scientists that a lot cannot exist because it "cannot be scientifically proven"
(whereby its existence would depend on scientific evidence), lacks any logic.

The simplest proof of the illogic of this claim of science is given by the fact that
we humans have the power of thoughts. Although not so far from science
was to prove what kind of force this is, how thought processes work, where our thoughts or
Memories are stored and how we use our mental images
shape our lives. As it is today's science so far with the ones available to them
Possibilities equal to technologies was only possible (researching and experimenting) in the gross material
to penetrate material areas and to develop so-called models of thought on the basis of effects
(with which one tries to explain these effects), the dimension of the "subtle" remains in the
only the CAUSE of these effects can be found, largely unexplored and inexplicable.


 2. The vision of the "Bernhard von Clairvaux"

The year is 1094 AD. The French knight Bernhard von CLAIRVAUX, who as
“Saint Bernard” went down in church history and visited his entourage like everyone else
Tomorrow, to pay homage to God, the chapel of the castle where Bernhard lived.

(Author's note: Around the year of Bernhard's birth there were many “ifs” and “buts”.
We have researched, but only found inconsistencies and now assume that the statements in
the documents the L.W. Goering received the truth)

Little did people suspect that April 14th, 1094 AD, was a turning point in the
Representing human history. The life of the people up to the present day and beyond
Should shape the future into it.

Even Bernhard von CLAIRVAUX and his companions had no idea at this point that
her life's work would move in a direction that she would never think of as a human being
would have hit.

However, since this path was stored in their soul as a plan of life (KARMA), they had to follow it
Walk according to the cosmic laws of God, even if your entire human
Thinking against it resisted.

Only in retrospect, when they realized that their work would affect the life of all of humanity
God's will and God's word "as it is in the Bible in the" Revelation of John "
is written down, steered in new ways, it was clear to them that they were from God himself for this
Way were chosen.

After the service was over, Bernhard von Clairvaux stayed out of an inner urge
still sitting in the chapel. After the others had left the room, he sat deeply immersed in it
his thoughts. Suddenly an angel of God appeared to him in a vision. This angel told him
that he would travel to Jerusalem in the “Holy Land” and that of King Solomon at the place of its foundation
(a temple near the Dome of the Rock) dig up the buried “Ark of the Covenant” in a crypt and use a
Ship intended to transport to France.

In his writings, Bernhard von CLAIRVAUX writes that he received the order to find the parts
to transport the “Ark of the Covenant” after taking possession by ship to the south of France in order to attach it to a
specific place near present-day Nice. This place, a bare mountain ("Mont Chauve"),
would be visible from the ship when the ship reached the top of “Cap Ferrat”.

At this point on the mountain where there is a grotto, it should, according to certain dimensions and according to certain
Aligned cardinal points, build a pyramid.              


(Note from the author: This pyramid still exists today and is according to our knowledge
still accessible. We ourselves were in this grotto and in the remains of the pyramid in May
1989/1999 and carried out experiments inside the pyramid.)

The meaning and purpose of this commission was, as the angel informed him, the contents of the "Ark of the Covenant"
to reintegrate into people's thinking, since humanity is ripe again, the cosmic
Understand and understand laws. People can thereby recognize the "God" as
Entity really exists and that the entities that are our creators through its
Thought power were created.

The angel further reported to him that in this part of the ark, the knowledge of the meaning and
Purpose of all being is written down. Just as it was for the last time thousands of years ago
Humanity has been revealed by God through the "Cosmic Spirit Field" during its evolution.

At the time when Bernhard von Clairvaux received this order, however, it was a trip to Jerusalem
impossible. Because the “Holy Land” and “Jerusalem” were occupied by the Islamic faith of the Persian Empire
and the Christians as unbelievers were not allowed to visit these places, good advice was expensive.

To find a way when Bernhard von Clairvaux received this order (to get to Jerusalem),
Clairvaux went to the then Pope URBAN II and inaugurated him. Together became the
Determined to call Christians to a "holy war" to conquer the Holy Land.
Just to be able to dig up the parts of the ark so that they can be brought to France.

On November 23, 1095 after CLAIRVAUX eight other knights, among them Hugo von Payens, in the
Vision, Pope URBAN II climbed on a cold November day in front of the French
City of Clermont a podium and claimed in front of a huge crowd that the unbelieving people
the Persians ravaged the holy places in the Holy Land by fire, sword and pillage.

He told them that they polluted the altars in the churches with rubbish, circumcised Christians and the
Would have desecrated baptismal fonts with blood.
After he had pushed the people so far, he held the cross in the air and shouted them
Words: “Christ himself comes out of the grave and shows you the cross! Carry it on your shoulders
and chest! It should always remind you that Christ died for you and that you,
when you die for him, you come to the kingdom of heaven. "

This message went like a beacon across Europe.

This first crusade, which arose spontaneously through the words of Pope Urban II alone,
followed a second. It was the first organized knight army of Christians, the Christmas 1096 of
European princes was led to the east. Though there were always new crusaders with their men
moved east, the Crusader army did not reach the gates of Jerusalem until June 7, 1099.

On July 15, 1099, Bernhard von Clairvaux persuaded, who with Hugo von Payens the army of the crusaders
led the Egyptian governor to surrender.

Until 1114 the Crusaders fought in the Holy Land and conquered, even if still against the
Arazenen was fought, almost the entire Holy Land for the Christians back. After in Jerusalem
Once calm had returned, Bernhard von Clairvaux led the 8 knights to the place that he saw in the vision
had been described. They found the crypt exactly at the specified location and began with the
The first thing they found were lots of sculptures and other religious accessories. In a deeper one
They then discovered parts of the so-called “Ark of the Covenant”. It consisted of
19 sarcophagi filled with leather rolls, models made from materials that are still unknown today
as well as cut crystals. There were also mechanical devices in the sarcophagi,
the purpose of which was unknown at the time and many were those who lived at the time
Objects unknown to people.

After they had seen everything, they closed the crypt again to wait for the time
where it could be removed.

In 1118 Bernhard von Clairvaux and the 8 knights founded the “Order of the Poor” in Jerusalem
Knight of Christ ”, which the lower folk called“ Templars ”. Hugo von Payens became
appointed first Grand Master of the Order.

In 1119, a year later, the 19 stone sarcophagi found in the crypt were removed as well
many sculptures and other religious accessories loaded onto ships and transported to the south of France.

When they arrived in the south of France, they brought the sarcophagi to “Mont Chauve” and began
to build the pyramid above the grotto from the stones of the mountain, which Clairvaux in his vision
had seen. After building the pyramid, they opened the sarcophagi and started the
Study and the translations of the documents.

Because their knowledge of the laws of matter and the interrelationships of the phenomenon of life
At first they found it difficult to understand what they were doing with this content
should start. Because this content mainly consisted of drawings and models that they made
were absolutely unknown.

Again in a small chapel that they had built near the pyramid on the "Bald Mountain",
Bernhard von Clairvaux had another vision.



In this vision he was told to go to the center of the grotto under the pyramid,
where it is connected to the "Cosmic Spirit Field".


After spending a while on this stone, which is exactly in the middle of the grotto, in full
With anticipation, a meditative weariness overwhelmed him.

Through the regular sequences of movement that exist in a pyramid (a process that everyone
can be understood), it was connected to the “cosmic spirit field” (in mysticism this becomes
Geistfeld also referred to as "AKASHA Chronicle").

During this journey through the "Cosmic Spirit Field" in which and through which all being exists and
Bernhard von Clairvaux recognized the past, present and future at the same time
Connections of all being in such a way that he can use the contents of the documents found in the ark with
understand his mind and explain it to his companions.

After a period of study, the other knights also realized, with the help of Clairvaux,
that in these documents the entire history of mankind as well as the meaning and purpose of all
Being of creation and the cosmic, physically lawful movement processes, titled as
the "A-OMEGA project", were written down.


3. The "Cosmic Spirit Field"

Through their studies, the Templars were initiated into the cosmic physical laws,
after which our universe was created and still exists today. They understood the emergence
of all beings like souls was effected by a really existing God and that this
Beings like our creators were created by the “thought power” of God. These
Beings, our creators, recognized the meaning why the souls of "they" created
Beings like we earth humans had to integrate into matter, thus on this way
the actual idea of ​​creation could be completed.

Own thoughts:
When, out of a healthy curiosity, people began to ask the question, “From what
did man exist? ”there was as yet no model of thought about atoms and molecules. The human being
involved in the phenomenon of life was something mysterious.
Because it could not be taken apart like the piercing system on a shelf wall.
Even if to this day scientifically unimaginable amount of knowledge about the human phenomenon
biological system were found - the mysterious, what the "living" could do
still cannot be deciphered. In the field of atoms and molecules, science is ready
advanced that it can specify the smallest building block of the atom, the "QUARK".

But even these findings are not sufficient to explain what, in the end, “THAT” does what
we call it "alive".

Terms like “soul”, “consciousness”, “subconscious” up to “God” are our “creators”
only terms that still have no basis to this day. The knowledge of the processes and the findings,
come from a time around 12,000 years ago, from a high-tech civilization that gave us
People of today were centuries of years ahead.

The fact that physics has not yet discovered the “cosmic spirit field” is ultimately due to this
"Albert Einstein" is to blame.
He claimed, "There is no ether in the cosmos and the light is absolute." With this statement,
which he integrated into his thinking at the beginning of this century, he formulated one of the pillars of yours
"Theory of relativity". "The principle of the constancy of the speed of light." In 1920, however, he declared,
“A space without ether is unthinkable.” In his “General Relativity Theory”, however, he cleared it
the possibility that something exists in the universe that causes motion and inertia
("Space-time or cosmic fluid")

For the first time in human history, the private researcher who died in 1998
L.W. Göring in his book "Apocalypse Seele" - The A-Omega Project Unveiling a Truth

a model of thought put up for discussion on the basis of which not only the phenomenon of life can be
Secret loses, but also every person can understand with his mind what the meaning
and the purpose of all being. God, too, the creator of all living biological systems becomes for everyone
Intelligent people up to atheists and nihilists to an intellectually comprehensible reality.
On the basis of this thinking model, everyone can understand HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY
all that has arisen what the human being can perceive with his senses. The thought model is not based
based on a question of faith but is built on new physical knowledge gained by everyone
can be understood.


4. Atlantis - source of traditional knowledge

After studying the documents for a while, the 9 Templars realized that the knowledge,
that it was disclosed to them in the documents, records were of a technologically high level
developed civilization that was interrupted over 12,000 years ago. A people worldwide
Wars of conquest with accompanying colonization of other countries. A people who are up
kept in our minds today and


or as it is written in the documents "ANALANIS" was called. After the destruction of the
Capital of Atlantis (Atlantis was not just a continent, but had its all over the world
Colonies) only a few colonies remained, with which today's human history began anew.
Although science has many artifacts and evidence supporting the existence of Atlantis,
I have not accepted the mystical idea of ​​the existence of Atlantis for thousands of years up
recieved today. Even if most of the people in the realm of fables, legends,
Myths or legends, the documents that L.W. Göring were present, confirm this solely on the basis
the logic of their statement that the existence of “Atlantis” corresponds to “reality”. At the present time
As already mentioned, the people of this time are referred to as “Atlanteans”. The fact is that they do
are referred to as "Atalans" on the basis of the documents. But let's stick with the name "Atlanteans",
since this name is more familiar to us. The Atlanteans were a highly technological, world-ruling people,
that were hundreds of years ahead of us in terms of knowledge. Since the mass of people back then was the same
as today, were mentally absolutely materialistically oriented, they exploited all people (their
Who were not pure Atlanteans in their opinion) used the earth for their own benefit. Until about 5 centuries
before the disruption of the civilization of Atlantis, religious thought was centered on the Atlanteans
the life-making sun. The sun was worshiped as “the God REMURAN created for all life”
and adored. Until that time, i.e. 500 years before the Atlantean civilization was interrupted,
humanity had developed simultaneously - culturally and technologically.

Exactly at this point in time, i.e. 500 years before the destruction of the capital of Atlantis,
According to our era, after 12,6000 years ago, the daughter of a scientist had the meditative
was predisposed to a vision in which she was told that “Remuran” was not the creator of man
is, but was created by a Creator who is a pure light being on the planet SIRIUS
lives and exists in the constellation of the dog. They were commissioned to use all of the knowledge they received
had to continue to admit, so that humanity could find its way back to the correct belief. Because the time
the “revelation of God” had come. One message this young woman received was her name
ALANA, involved building a pyramid. She was also informed that she had received the
Construction of this pyramid are able to meditatively establish contact with all beings that act as
Live “pure beings” and “light beings” with God.

After building a pyramid according to the instructions in a remote forest area with the knowledge obtained,
as it was communicated in the message, the priests (who later also became the
"Hegolitans" called "God's children") that the statements of this young mediator corresponded to reality.
During their sessions in the pyramid, they were meditatively initiated into the lawful
Sequences of movement on the basis of which the universe that exists today was created. They learned
in which way the beings, integrated in “material souls”, as well as the physical human being
were created. Through the knowledge of the lawful physical processes that existed in nature
the "Hegolitans" will be able to develop technologies that people living by us today still consider
Science would be called fiction. During their time underground (the Hegolites were closed
At this point in time it became a deeply religious community leading in its ranks
Scientists had) they developed a technology for generating energy necessary for that time
Time was unimaginable.

They built an approximately 5m high hollow pyramid, the inner walls of which they covered with metal. At the top
They had placed a crystal on this pyramid as the cornerstone, which had a special cut.
A light was placed inside the pyramid at a precisely determined height. The ones from this light
emitted "photons" and "energy quanta" are generated according to certain regular movements,
that exist in a pyramid, transported into the tip and radiated into the crystal tip.

Due to the special cut of the crystal, the beam was amplified a million times and placed on a copper plate,
which acted like a mirror and was installed about 10m above the pyramid. The so on
Mirror-like copper plate bouncing beam could now be made by rotating the plate in any direction
to get redirected.

The use of this fundamental technology was the beginning of an energy production with which the
technological boom of this era of Atlantis began.

Since at this point in time the religious community of the "Hegolites" had existed underground for decades,
they believed that now the time had come for the government of the Atlanteans, (who as a powerful people
The peoples were constantly at war with the surrounding countries and out of greed and lust for power
of the conquered lands) to open up that a "Living God" exists and that belief in
this God shows all people a way to a happier future.

After they convinced the members of the government of the reality of the statements and, above all, the value
who had grasped technologies for their lust for power, became the "Hegolites" as a religious community
recognized until the entire knowledge that the "Hegolitans" possessed in the field of technology,
had become the knowledge of government-loyal, power-hungry scientists. After that, the
Religious community of the "Hegoliter" banned and the believers in remote areas or colonized
Countries linked.

Over time, evolved on the basis of new scientific knowledge
a technology that allowed airships to be built that made it possible for the Atlanteans to rule the peoples
to subjugate the whole world. Because the Atlanteans ruled the airspace, evolved
On the basis of the generation of energy by means of the pyramid, a technology with which the Atlanteans
were able to promote growth or prevent growth and destroy life.

They built great pyramids all over the world with the same at the top
cut crystals were located, as on the first energy-generating pyramid, the "Hegoliter".
At certain intervals, gigantic metal mirror surfaces were in the sky in certain
Brought into orbits.

The rays of light that were sent from these pyramids to the mirror surfaces shone day and night
Night on the continents that existed at the time.

With this radiant energy, the Atlanteans were able to produce several harvests in each country, for example
or destroy and destroy areas in such a way that nothing more existed or could exist on them. For
the peoples of this world were these "great suns" the life-producing and life-destroying God

The Atlanteans, who ruled in each of these countries, were therefore called by these peoples
the sons of this god respected, especially since the Atlanteans always appeared and landed with their flight ships.


 5. The destruction of Atlantis

After several centuries of rule by the "Atlanteans" (according to our era, exactly before 12,600
Years) was by the secret society of the "Hegolites", who lived in the underground or banished to low
Who lived in foreign countries, a plan was developed to overthrow the government of Atlantis
to bring true faith into the world.

In “Eire”, today's Ireland (where a group of hegolitans had been exiled and
Had established relationships with the population at the time) an underground movement developed,
designed the following plan.

To build the new religion of God and our creators for the community of world citizens and
in order to use the technologies in a beneficial way for all people, Atlantis should be destroyed or the government
to be rendered powerless.

This was only possible if you had the main switchboard, which was located in the government capital "Orason"
was destroyed. The use of the radiation pyramids was controlled from this main switching point.

The plan was, the energy beam that the Atlanteans in the area "Eire" and in part of the continent
insert, send back to the starting point of the pyramid using a large mirror.

In this way one could not only destroy the pyramid that is in
near the main switchboard in "Orason", but it was hoped that this huge explosion,
which arises from the destruction that would lay the whole city in rubble and ashes through earthquakes.

A native of "Eire", who dealt with the laws of physics, now developed together
with the "Hegoliters" following plan.

A large valley depression that had only one valley cut should be prepared in such a way that it can be opened at short notice
- how a reservoir could be filled with water. Several rivers were secretly diverted
to fill the valley basin with water for a short time overnight.

After all the preparations were made, one who was privy to the plan became him
“Postrator” sent to the government official of “Eire” to inform him that in the area where
the valley basin is an underground group called the "Hegolitans" together with the population
plan a riot.

When this message reached the government in "Orason", the order was given there, the energy beam
to agree so strongly that everything that existed in this area had to burn.

However, since the rebels had filled the entire valley with water, as planned, the jet hit
such a large expanse of water that it looked like a mirror. All the energy was returned to the
Heavenly mirror and radiated from there into the radiating pyramid. However, this beam destroys
not only the pyramid, as assumed, and created an earthquake in the immediate vicinity, but the
The energy released was so great that a huge earthquake with tremendous and destructive tidal waves

The piece of the tectonic plate of the continent on which the land "Atlantis" was located broke off and sank
in the sea.

This process changed the entire continent that existed at that time (see graphic below)
and the continents that are known today as Europe and America came into being.


The breaking off of the tectonic plate caused large earthquakes all over the world, along with it
huge tidal waves that destroyed almost all countries.

The resulting polar shift changed the climate to such an extent that large ice masses
melted and the sea level rose by almost 100m. The released water flooded
many areas.

In the Bible this process is described as a "flood".

Only a few people survived this catastrophe, scattered all over the world. Under the
There were also a few hundred people who were loyal to the Atlantis government and who survived
had helped to subjugate the individual countries and their people.
Now that the motherland had been destroyed and most of the pyramids had been destroyed (and thus
the artificial suns went out everywhere in the sky) to adapt to the respective cultures in order to survive.


Because of these events and because of the fact that people in all countries of the rest of the world in their
intellectual and technological development, compared with the Atlantic technologies of the time by many
Centuries ago, humanity around the world had to start all over again.

This means that the evolution of mankind began in the spiritual, cultural and technological realms
all over again.

6. The knowledge

After the "Templars" the story of the Atlanteans (which is based on oral tradition
had been written down in the documents, provided with many models and objects from the
at that time, which serve as evidence), they understood that they were the legendary
Had found the “Holy Grail” again.

Through the documents they learned what mysterious, lawful movement sequences exist.
And they understood that all being in the cosmos is solely "IN" and "THROUGH" the shape of the particles of the
"Cosmic Spirit Field" is effected.

After building the pyramid according to given coordinates, they began the powers of the
To use pyramids to get the resources they needed to accomplish the mission
Bernhard von Clairvaux had received in his 2nd vision.

(The geometric shape of the pyramid is when certain criteria are taken into account by the
regular movement sequences create a "COMMUNICATION CENTER" in which the one who
is located within the pyramid, can send and receive on a spiritual level by means of thought power.)


With all the knowledge that was in the documents, the Templars began (on a spiritual path in the
Pyramid) to influence the people who were important to them. That is how they procured
the huge capital they needed to carry out their mission. In the same way they influenced
the people who had great knowledge so that they could reveal this knowledge to them.

The order received by Bernhard von Clairvaux included the following:

Leadership of the human race according to the law of resonance, which means the fulfillment of the word of God,
that JOHANNES ("in Patmos", thus on a spiritual path, as thought images) received and that as
"Revelation" equals "Apocalypse of the end times" is written in the Bible.

By being the laws of God as well as the cosmic physical laws by which all being
is determined and effected as knowledge possessed, followed and lived accordingly acquired within
An immeasurable wealth of material goods in a very short time.
As a result, they became the most powerful men in the world and thus influenced what happened
in all areas that our
Its embrace.

The same applies to absolute knowledge of all the physical processes that human beings today still have
are hidden. They studied and acquired the existing knowledge of all peoples such as:
the wisdom of the East, the mathematics of the Arabs, the knowledge of the Egyptian philosophers,
Doctors and astronomers.

The power that the Templars possessed as well as the power of their immeasurable wealth set and
they still use it today, so that the predictions of our Primordial Creator, God the Father, the Adepts and
Prophets such as JOHN, for example, received spiritually, are fulfilled.

(Everything that we humans call history to this day, whether war or peace, whether
scientific progress or technical catastrophe, is the way of the earth humans, which up to the
today is guided by these people due to resonance, since the race of earth people is one
the path of evolution that is predetermined by our creator, which we earthly people have taken since our existence

In 1313 the group of Templars had grown beyond the 9 consecrated Templars
and the knowledge of all being through which the Templars had obtained their power, became so great that
there was a risk of betrayal. Because at the same time Philip, King of France and Pope Clement V.
out of envy and resentment (the Templars rejected it for good reason, knowledge and material power
to share with Philip and Pope Clement V) pronounced the "ban" over the Knights Templar. Although in
In 1313 most of the members of the Knights Templar were executed or burned at the stake
5 initiated Templars succeeded among them Bernhard von Clairvaux and Hugo von Payens as well
3 other Templars stored the contents of the ark or their own writings in a secret place in
Bring security.

After the destruction of all other Templars, these 5 initiated Templars went underground and
Since that time, the fate of earthly people has been guided by the laws that they see through the documents
from the “Ark of the Covenant”, according to their mandate, continued from there.

 (As incredible as this may sound:
the embodiment of the 5 Templars who were first initiated live since the occupation of the
Ark of the Covenant in 1114 still today, even if undetected, among us, around the
Humanity until the end of this evolutionary path according to the law of
To conduct resonance as instructed so that the words of God are fulfilled. That means,
every time a Templar's physical body no longer possesses physical strength
To accomplish its task, each time with a person responsible for that path physically
is trained, a "change of essence" is made. This gives these Templars
not just all of the knowledge they received in their initiation, but them
are also always up to date with the latest knowledge of each epoch in which they are physically
are incarnated.)

Until 1717 these 5 Templars worked as a secret brotherhood and controlled in a small circle
of the initiated the fate and course of mankind. Then they founded in as an aid organization
England the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, which has spread over the entire globe since that time.
Today they manage this lodge as well as other network-like aid organizations
5 "Initiates", withdrawn and unrecognized, the destinies of the world so that the race of
Earth people according to the instructions of our primordial creator, life plan conditioned according to the physical
Laws that go the way that our Creator has predetermined for us through evolution.

The leading aid organization that acts indirectly in public as well as indirectly commands of today
executing the existing 5 Templars is the so-called "P2-LOGE", whose grand master and close associate
are partially privy to God's plan.

7. The rediscovery

Again through an intuition that was brought about by a stimulus from the "Cosmic Spirit Field"
the documents of the Templars, which were stored in 1313 in an underground room of a castle
had been rediscovered.

The researcher and scientist Roger LHOMOY had this intuition. Intuitively, he was commissioned to work in
the dilapidated Templar castle "GISOR", which lies between Paris and Rouen, after the "Holy Grail"
dig that the Templars hid there in 1313.

In 1944 Lohmoy secretly begins his excavations on Gisor. Since he was at this point in time as a
Gardener responsible for the facilities of this castle and access to the public since the beginning of the war
was forbidden (he lived in a tower of this castle with his family), he could go undisturbed at night
work. In March 1946, after several failures, Lhomoy finally encountered hewn trees at a depth of 30 m
Stones. When a part of the stones was cleared away, an underground hall was exposed, which was 30m long, 9m wide and
was about 4.5m high. Life-size statues of Jesus and the 12 apostles on stone consoles stood on the walls.
The central space of this hall was filled with 19 stone sarcophagi, 2 m long and sixty cm. Width the same
were like those excavated in Jerusalem by the Templars. Stood in an adjoining room
30 chests made of precious metal, all 2.5 m long, 1.8 m high and 1.6 m long, placed in three rows of 10
were wide. They were in these chests, which could already be described as lying cupboards
Translations and writings of the Templars.

However, LHOMOY never got around to opening the sarcophagi or the chests. Military and
The secret service immediately confiscated the find and cordoned off the entire area around "Gisor".
The entire find was then declared a state secret and given to the Vatican
to hand over. From there, all of the documents came back into the possession of the today
living 5 Templars.

Some of these documents, in some areas with drawings and models, were commissioned by
Templar translated and after over 20 years in 1967 to 5 people who were widely scattered all over the world
Live world, submitted for review and disclosure. Just like the 5 leading Templars each for
are primarily responsible for one area of ​​our being, that is, for the areas


so these criteria were also taken into account when the documents were passed on to these 5 people.


One of these people who had received parts of the documents as well as original models and for the area
"Science" was responsible, the now deceased private researcher L.W. GOERING

His task was therefore not only to acquire all the knowledge from the documents, but to get there
as possible with other scientists and researchers based on the current state of science in
to check all areas theoretically and experimentally. Furthermore, he should have the knowledge and the
Formulate insights in such a way that people today can understand them.

8. The reason

The main reason why the knowledge and insights from the records are disclosed right now
is that earth humans are in the end times of the 5th evolutionary path - in the
End times that JOHN prophesies in "Revelation".

The human race has ended its evolutionary path four times through its own fault.
And through a way of thinking that is contrary to the divine plan, the “A-OMEGA PROJECT”
and the use of technology through which most of humanity, their cultures as well as theirs
Environment were destroyed.

Each time, only a few survived, those caused by the incorrectly applied technologies and the ones that came with it
caused disasters. And this had to be done every time from the zero point of the intellectual and technological
Stand up, start again.

The 5th evolutionary stretch would also almost have come to an end approx. 12,600 years ago. But this time
occurred in contrast to the other evolutionary stretches (see: Are we ready from the past to
learn?) just an interruption in the form that the people that at that time everyone else
Peoples and tribes ruled and subjugated "went under" and that part of the continent rose
most of this people, the "Atlanteans", lived in the sea.

Because of their high intellectual and technological level, which was far superior to ours
the "Atlanteans" or the "Hegolites" the chance to bring mankind to a spiritual level,
which would have enabled her to live according to the laws of God and the cosmic laws.

But the power obsession of a few ultimately led to the wrong use of the highly developed
Technologies and thus to the destruction of the Atlanteans and their culture.

The end of the 5th evolutionary line does not mean that humanity - as before - is complete
can start all over, but for many people it means the end of the evolutionary stretches
of human beings in the physical body in general.

In this end time in which we find ourselves, we humans have the last time in the physical body
Chance, the meaning and purpose of our earthly life as well as the divine and cosmic laws, which
our entire being is subject to recognizing and living according to these laws. That is, the
To fulfill the “divine plan” referred to as the “A-OMEGA PROJECT”.


Everyone has the freedom to decide for themselves whether they want to reach maturity by embracing the "creation"
recognizes and wants to live by her.

If he still decides after recognizing "the meaning and purpose" of his existence here on earth
If he continues to persist in his ego-related materialistic thinking, he can face the consequences
not withdraw, since our being is subject to physical laws.

Understanding and understanding the entire “A-OMEGA-PROJECT” is something we humans on earth do with ours
Understanding not possible, as it exceeds any space-time thinking in its immeasurable size.
It would be presumptuous to claim that what we know about some of the contents of the documents,
the L.W. Göring received the entire "A-OMEGA-PROJECT" written down here.

We can only pass on the knowledge in our words as we finally understood it.

Since every person can only find his own truth in himself, we consider ourselves only as
Conveyor of information that is needed as a stimulus to release the knowledge stored in them.


9. Statement by the TEMPLAR about the "A-OMEGA-PROJECT"

“In these scriptures you will find the light of truth, provided you have the spiritual maturity and since
in possession of the power of tolerance through which love for all forms of being exists.

According to our primordial creator's will, the entire primordial knowledge about the laws of the cosmos should once again
and the laws governing all being will be revealed so that the human race may understand
comprehends and understands the meaning and purpose of their being on earth.

It was disclosed to the blessing of mankind, so that they again “recognize” that their being, as
Spirit integrated into the natural material soul, according to the cosmic laws, divine origin
and is therefore indestructible.

Only when they understand that they themselves are the creators of their surroundings and their environment and that they are
as a large community of beings who bear responsibility for one another, they have as individual
Entity a chance to return to the realm of our primordial creator to be in the light of truth,
freed from matter to live as an entity.

Each of us carries the same powerful "I AM PRESENT" within. The Almighty Power of God
with which anything can be accomplished. Because everyone can do everything he needs through the
Generate “the power of one's thoughts” directly from the energy supply of the universe.

A prerequisite for using this mighty power without harming the children of God,
that you submit to the commandments of our primordial creator. Because only then can the divine energy
which exists indefinitely in space without damage can be used to spiritualize matter.

The “A-OMEGA-PROJECT”, that of our original creator, has existed for an unthinkable time
is brought from universe to universe in order to spiritualize matter in space.

We earth humans are only part of this great work in which we help to harness the energy of
Space through the power of our thoughts with matter to connect them to one
can be closed unit.

"This is the meaning of all BEING"


10. Our thoughts on the "A-OMEGA PROJECT"

"Alpha" and "Omega", the letters A and O of the Greek alphabet, used as symbols for
Designation of the divine plan of creation were used, mean according to the number symbolism
(as explained in the documents) the following:

The "1", in the letter symbolism the "A" or "ALPHA" is the designation for "spirit", whereby the
The term “mind” is used for the “power of thought.

The state in which we find ourselves during a certain depth of meditation also becomes intuitive today
referred to as "Alpha State" or "Alpha Frequency". In this state we have how scientific
proven contact to our so-called subconscious, which in some ways equate to it
is with "spirit" or with the force that holds our material soul together.

The letter "O" or "OMEGA", which represents the second "6" after the number symbols, is in the
in a broader sense than what the “spiritualized being” equals “spiritualized matter” represents.

In a few words, the “A-OMEGA PROJECT” means the “spiritualization of matter”.

If we read or hear the word "project", we put a plan underneath it and
its execution before. For example the construction of an object, which takes place after a certain period of time
is completed. But that it can also be something “eternal” and “limitless”, we can do that
People do not even introduce us.
It is already beyond our imagination when - as it is written in the documents -
means that the "A-OMEGA-PROJECT" is integrated into an eternal cycle of becoming and
Passing away. Neither can we, as people with understanding, form a picture of how or
what we as "part of this great work" can contribute to it to be accomplished or like ours
Task looks like when we will only exist as an entity without a physical body - absolutely free-
in perfect love for all "that" is.

However, what we can recognize and cope with “NOW”, provided we also want it, is this
Task that we have as an entity. As a being that is currently incarnated in matter, that is
owns a physical body.

In terms of being human in the physical body, the "A-Omega Project" involves life
according to the "law of resonance".
This means that man has to recognize that he - in possession of the "thought-power", is himself a creator
is and creates his life situations himself. Simply put, the law of resonance says

"What you sow, you must also reap."

or as the vernacular puts it

"As you call into the forest, switch it back."


The law of resonance is not an arbitrarily determined law, but a physical process.

Every newly conceived - equally created - form has to be realized by its creator himself and materialized in the same way
This also includes - without exception - every life situation.

The goal is the complete mastery of the thought-power in order to use it only in the way
that serves creation.
Because man can only recognize when he has created the negative effects of his
Experienced thought-forms on his own body, the beings of earthly people became the
Subject to the “law of resonance”. And all beings are subject to this law
in all universes that are in possession of thought-power.

Only through the suffering that a person inflicts on himself can he go into recurring incarnations
learn to bring the thought-power under control and the consequences of his thinking and doing
Experienced. It is only through suffering that he finally realizes that he is endowed with the greatest strength
which exists and has to prove itself worthy of its Creator and thereby being equal to God.

Let us recognize that every human being has an entity - integrated in a spiritually material soul - that
is of divine origin and exists eternally as well as divine and cosmic laws in the same way
Wise subject to maturation, we also recognize that we are not that
Have the right to evaluate or even judge another. Let us not learn to “evaluate” and not to assess
When we “compare”, we recognize that “tolerance” is love and the path that leads us back into that
Realm of our original creator, from which we come.

The other, you, our counterpart, is always only the “stimulus” for us through the situations
(- that were thought by ourselves, that is, created-) realized and materialized in the same way
we can see how we have misused our thought-power.

Every person or being, regardless of whether it is good or bad, can only do and have something for himself
to answer for this solely to our original creator.

The way out of the chaos in and around us has to be taken by each and every one of us.

- through recognition and self-overcoming -

What makes us humans live “wrongly”, not from our birth to death on the way
staying that leads us back into our true "being" is our wishful thinking, our desire, that out
envy arises and is in opposition to LOVE.

This means at the same time: God is not a punishing God, but He has a possibility for us in love
created to recognize for ourselves how we harm ourselves with our thoughts.

Because everything we think we have to experience firsthand (law of resonance)




"What we sow, we must reap"

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