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ISBN is an abbreviation for International Standard Book Number and became 1969 introduced by the American Liberary of Congress. An ISBN number will be awarded only once worldwide, whereby one can uniquely identify a title via an ISBN search. Each Editing of the text a work requires a new ISBN number. Likewise, every form of publication receives such as Hardcover or paperback an extra number. Price changes and unchanged reprints are an exception. An ISBN search is therefore the safest formto find a certain text edition, which is understandably of particular importance for scientific work, for example.

The inside of a novel without ISBN from 1956

The publishers are obliged to print the ISBN clearly visible on the inside and outside. Until Year 2006 was the so-called worldwide ISBN-10. At the January 1, 2007 was the ISBN-13 introduced because in the English-speaking countries and in Eastern Europe, due to many publishers, it was no longer possible to assign new ISBN numbers. The ISBN-10 remains with the books receive. With our ISBN search you can find literature before 2007 as well as current titles.

The ISBN-13 has that Prefix 978 or 979which means that you can now assign twice as many combinations. At the same time, the standard number for books was adapted to the 13-digit EAN numbers which means that the EAN and ISBN are identical on every book.

The composition of an ISBN number

Each ISBN-13 is separated by dashes five numbers togetherwhich must always result in a total of 13 digits. Anyone who is familiar with ISBN numbers can take valuable information from the combination of numbers in advance of an ISBN search. For example, the Number 978-3-608-93826-5 together as follows.

Part 1978Prefix 978 or 979
Part 23Country number for national or geographic language groups
part 3608Publisher number in national or geographic language group
Part 493826Title number for a single book in a publisher
Part 55Check number to determine the correctness of the ISBN

Old ISBN-10 with country number 85 (Brazil)

The Country number 3 stands for books from the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. For example, Russia has the country number 5 and Brazil has the number 85. You can use the title number to determine whether the publisher is small or large before you search for the ISBN. The Klett-Cotta-Verlag (Publisher number 608) in our example already has Title 93826 brought on the market. Smaller publishers usually have a longer publisher number, which means that fewer numbers remain for titles. Anyone who would like to apply for a publisher's number or individual ISBN in Germany can only do so at ISBN agencyMVB Marketing and Publishing Service des Buchhandels GmbH in Frankfurt am Main.

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With our ISBN search you can quickly find the book you want. Just enter the ISBN number with or without a hyphen a. If you made a mistake and the number is complete, you will get exactly one result. With our database you can find in only a few seconds the literature you want. Of course you can also find several books one after the other with our ISBN search.

Always use the ISBN when searching for a book, this is the only way to ensure that you will get the desired output Find.