How can one believe in reincarnation?

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For the apostle Paul, the resurrection is a transformation, similar to that from the caterpillar to the butterfly. It does not automatically belong to being human: Jesus was the first to come from death to life in this way. His resurrection is considered a divine confirmation of his message.

Like him, the believers will pass over into an unlimited life after their death. In this world, with its inevitable admixture of suffering, failure, fear and frailty, I have the prospect of being healed. I can hope that the not lived, missed and incomplete will find fulfillment. I don't even have to qualify myself through good works: it's enough to feel like God's child. In the love given by God, I already have the promise of eternal life in my pocket.

Reincarnation, as it is understood in Hinduism and Buddhism, means that the soul reincarnates itself in another being after death, over and over again. This journey of the soul from one life to the next looks like an adventure at first sight. On the second one, however, the question arises whether I will qualify for a rebirth one level higher in this life, or whether I will fall down quite a few.

In Buddhism, karma decides my next existence. It is a kind of product of my deeds, my actions, my work, my thoughts and words. One thing is clear: a life without suffering will not be the next either. Rather, I have to strive to get out of this eternal cycle of becoming and passing away. To get into nirvana, which is freed from all attachments of natural life and which is described as bliss. But only very few succeed.

To be honest, it would be far too long a road for my poor soul. I am glad that God, as I believe as a Christian, relieves me of my "karma". Because it's not about my actions, it's about me.