What make-up do you wear every day

Post-cream, please !: Your make-up is in place? This is how you put on sunscreen during the day


In the morning the sun protection comes under the make-up, of course. But how do we top up SPF once the Foundation and Co. are in place? We have a couple of suggestions.

If you put your makeup on in the fresh air in summer, putting on sunscreen suddenly becomes an apparently insoluble task. Either we completely smudge the perfect make-up or we risk skin damage and unpleasant sunburn. So what if you don't want to choose between these lousy options? We have three solutions ready:

1. Touch up with a sponge

As soon as it gets really hot, nobody feels like having heavy powder on their face, which then runs down our temples mixed with our sweat. If we use cream products instead, the sun protection factor can also be improved more easily: Simply spread some sun protection lotion on a make-up sponge and dab it on the face. Even cream blush stays where it should.

Those who like to fix their make-up with a setting spray know that spray mist poses no danger to bronzer, foundation or highlighter. Lo and behold, sunscreen is also available in spray form: we quickly freshen up the sunscreen on the face with the gentle mist from a pressure spray bottle. There are now even real setting sprays with built-in sun protection. Important: Always apply three to four layers of all versions and let dry well in between. In addition, these sprays are not sufficient as basic protection in the morning.

If you declared us insane at point one, because nothing in the world separates you and your powder, here is your solution: sun protection in powder form. Because the loose version for the morning works well, but is difficult to handle on the go, there are practical brushes with an integrated product that freshen up your sun protection. The only disadvantage: You need a relatively large amount of product for a somewhat good protection ... and we have already mentioned sweating above.

Last but not least, a piece of advice: UV protection is one of the few things where more is actually more. If you want, you can combine items one to three with each other - or simply leave the make-up in the closet and solve the sun protection problem with your (disinfected) hands.

How do you protect yourself in summer when the morning sun protection factor wears off? Share your tips in the comments!

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