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Safety in Marrakech

As a real estate agent in Marrakech, we are often asked about security in the city and across the country. Is it safe on the road? What are the risks of terrorist activities?

In general, it is fair to say that the Marrakech medina is a very safe place. There are no guns and knife crime is incredibly rare. It's probably best for women not to go alone late at night, like in any city I've ever been to. The medina is largely self-monitoring as everyone is known to everyone else. It is rare to see uniformed police officers outside the main tourist center around Jemaa El Fna square. There are two main problems facing residents and visitors - pickpockets and so-called euphemistic "false guides".

There are pickpockets all over the world, of course, and they prefer crowded areas in Marrakech like the souks and squares. You should be particularly careful when strolling in the souks. Keep your wallet and mobile phone in an inside pocket and keep your purse closed.

The wrong guides are generally young men who work in groups looking for visitors to "lead" them to places like the tanneries. Upon arrival, you are strongly encouraged to pay for the service and it can be an intimidating experience. There are all sorts of compelling tricks out there, and I've often seen these teams at work. A police tourist brigade was formed over a decade ago and has drastically reduced the anger these people can cause. The best advice I can give is to turn down all "spontaneous" counseling offers. If you get lost just ask a local shop owner and you will usually be given directions of where you are going.

There has been no terrorist activity in Marrakech or Morocco for many years. This is remarkable when you think of the repeated atrocities in Europe and elsewhere during the same period. Morocco is a close ally of Europe and the US and works together on security issues. It feels safe in the city.

Morocco is safe to travel to, and visitors to Marrakech often notice the city's serene nature. Personally, I feel safe walking the streets and it's a great way to explore the winding derbs and hidden gems of this great medina.

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