How do I use DMT

Shamanism and Ayahuasca : From banker to shaman

Mr. Piorkowsky, for your customer Sting you are a “shaman”. What are you doing exactly?

I am something like a psychotherapist, integrating experiences into consciousness that are buried. I use plants with a psychoactive effect because they help to create a deep connection with yourself. I mainly work with ayahuasca.

And this is?

A brew made from two Amazonian plants. The active ingredient in it is the nitrogen compound DMT, dimethyltryptamine. For example, DMT occurs in the leaves of the chacruna bush. This is present in low concentrations in every living being, including us humans ...

... there is no final study on this.

Normally, DMT is broken down by the body's own enzymes as soon as it is produced. Only at birth and at the moment of death have high concentrations in the blood of humans been detected. In order for this active ingredient to be active, we need the ayahuasca vine, because it contains nitrogen compounds that block the enzyme for a while.

Then what happens to you?

Usually people have visions. Most describe that they viewed scenes from their own lives from the outside, like at a play, and that they were emotionally very close. From the outside you can't see the people during the sessions, they are very calm. That is, almost. At some point everyone pukes up.


Many can no longer throw up! I think this aversion has a lot to do with the fear of death and the pressure to perform. Vomiting is associated with illness ...

... maybe not without reason?

Nobody wants to have anything to do with that. Most people find sweat, vomit, urine and spit disgusting.

You don't find it repulsive when the participants in your ceremonies throw up?

No! I'm happy - because I know that people will feel better afterwards. Those who vomit cleanse themselves. In Ayurveda, vomiting is induced by salt water. There is a tribe in South America who drink bitter tea every morning for this purpose. Otherwise people don't feel clean, for them it's like taking a shower. At the end of my ceremonies, of course, everyone has to clean their own bucket.

Who else are your customers?

I've worked with Sting for a long time, and for a few years also sometimes with Paris Hilton. Some of the participants in my ceremonies are politicians or work in Silicon Valley. I think there is hardly any invention there that is not based on psychedelics. Steve Jobs even said once that his LSD trip was one of the five most important experiences of his life.

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