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Panic is inevitable. Athletes are particularly sensitive before a competition. You get cramps, pain and suddenly feel slightly sick. Nevertheless, you want to make the most of the coordinated training, but that often has a negative effect!
With the routine you become wise and the old hands know that the so-called “pre-competition panic” is completely normal. It is important to keep calm here. It is not for nothing that it has been proven time and again to take a break the week before the competition, so to speak. The trick is to incorporate a mental preparation phase into the course of your competition.

Skip training, please what ?! Quite normal for the average person, but a big no-go for the athlete. Runners in particular count as tough dogs, because despite wind and weather they do their laps. Regardless of whether the sweatpants still stink or the day was simply forgotten, the lap will be carried out according to plan. The professionals are even so advanced that they incorporate active breaks in order to stay on the ball more effectively.

Put sport over friends, nobody should do it easily. Marathon training becomes a lonely life, but a marathon is not a lifetime. The tunnel vision for success should be limited to the important units and the balance with social contacts is at least as important. Because only at the finish will you notice that you are celebrating all by yourself, if you have forgotten all of your fellow men on the way.

Blood under the shirt, when the cotton shirt takes the nipples apart. As a runner, attention is also required when choosing clothes. Running over 1.5 hours in particular is not only a strain on the muscles, but also on the skin. The moving T-shirt can even rub bloodily. Rule number 1 is to wear a qualified running shirt and cover your nipples with a plaster if necessary. There are even very special plasters for this need and ultimately you can't see them from the outside, but the blood can!

Despise envy and competitors should be banned. No matter how you turn it around, each of us could do what the winner can do. We all have our own daily routines and we need to figure out how to prioritize. Sure there is talent out there, but at the end of the day, hard work wins. Excuses are used instead of respectful congratulations. It does a lot more if you take higher performing athletes as an incentive to become even better.

Painkillers, Secret Weapons, and Doping. The black side also in running. Light doping has become pain reliever. A higher inhibition threshold due to thinner blood, but that's definitely not healthy. It becomes much more dramatic when the truth does finally come to light. You not only cheat on your fellow campaigners, but most of all on yourself!
Medicine should not be used to achieve with less work what others have achieved with all their energy. If you are looking for extras to tweak, it is better to deal with diet. Again, you can find a lot of scams in the market. Powders that will make you a superhero overnight or make you 10 years younger. One or the other supplement deserves its place such as. Energy gel or liquid magnesium. But on the whole, we can only name one safely effective remedy from gummy bears, juices, slimming powders to vegan, paleo or vegetarian. Often used in medicine, it is by far an absolute miracle cure. Placebo is what triggers the unbelievable in us. Our bodies can create and accomplish much more on their own if we only believe in it.

Did you recognize yourself in this article? Never forget that if you turn your back on everyone on the way, the same thing will happen to you at your destination.

Written by Julian Kausch

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