What are the beacon companies out there

“Can anyone hear me? ... is anyone out there? "

That's a line that Joris wrote. In this song he describes how he broadcasts on all channels and lights beacons to find someone who shares and responds to his ambitions for change. When I look at our communication policy, it is often the case that we enjoy ourselves so much at work that there is hardly any time to reflect and broadcast. This ensures that the perception of us is very different: Are you still alive? Are you fine? We always manage the projects with a lot of passion and heart and soul. Communication and self-portrayal are regularly neglected.

So here is my signal to everyone out there.

We live and we are fine. Of course, we have all the pain that a company of our size brings with it. Some of them are chosen by themselves and others are dragged along for years due to the lack of prioritization.

Unfortunately, the personal exchange with you is always neglected. However, our motivation is to change this. We are not concerned with the “perfect sales funnel” and the “definition of targets”, but rather with having the time to find out what moves you and what drives you. We still prefer intensity to quantity. That means that in the future too you will learn more about us when we meet than that we trigger communication cascades about you, follow everyone and comment on everything that you and we do.

I myself am always particularly happy about the variety of projects that we manage. This also helps us to keep the pace and not to lose motivation. None of this would be possible without all of the competent partners at our side.

I would like to name a few of them:

  • Aveniture
  • Cislogic
  • Code Heroes
  • Ella panther
  • Foodbuzz
  • Foresight Solutions
  • Founding metropolis Berlin
  • Live Records
  • Real Inventio

In the last 6 months we have been involved (also with these partners) in the following projects and have been able to provide the following services:


  • A foresight platform created for the production of an automobile manufacturer.
  • A platform concept for an automotive supplier's innovation controlling
  • We have provided the Software Campus with a new ideas platform
  • Creation of a conference and networking app for the European Commission
  • We have made the technology change to HTML 5 controls and faster platforms for Peacoq.


  • Smart home reporting
  • The virtual branch
  • sustainable production
  • Support of a DFG basic project on requirements management in innovation networks


  • Data Insights Conference 2019
  • Grants4Apps Kickoff 2018
  • EIC Innovators ‘Summit 2018


  • Video shoot for a compliance award
  • Interview Storyline Project Video "the Beginning"
  • 6 interactive software demo videos


  • Mood for the future
  • digitalization
  • Future of Smart Home
  • Sustainability in production


  • 2 Smart Factory trainings
  • The smart factory expansion logistics
  • Interactive eduplayboards


  • More than 15 workshops on a wide range of topics

In all of these projects, we always talk about trust. Your trust in us to move mountains makes us grateful. We ourselves can meet this claim. seldom do justice, but we move for you. Since the exchange takes place far too seldom, but we absolutely want to consolidate it, let's just start now - with this signal.

John's malt blossom is just a kick-off event where we aim to bring you together and connect you.

When: Friday, March 22nd, 2019 (Open House from 5 p.m.)
Where: Schaltzeit @ JohnShare34, John-Schehr-Straße 34, 10407 Berlin

Bring people with you who have passion in their blood or who need help and advice. The informal exchange is important to us. The wider the range of topics, the better. It is much more important that we live community. With you. So come over. We look forward to you!

Otherwise, of course, come by anytime. We love exchanging ideas because it keeps us fit. And we always have an open door for that. So let us like to potentiate our thoughts for more love, happiness, fun and fulfillment in life.

Your André