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We are a Finnish shipbuilding company that specializes in the conceptual and basic planning of icebreakers and ice-going ships. Dozens of ships have already been built on the basis of the concepts we have developed: icebreakers, supply and research ships, naval and government ships, passenger ships, tugs, to name just a few types of ship. For many years we have been one of the best-known shipbuilding firms in Finland, and when it comes to Arctic technology, we are among the absolute best in the world.

We have been active in international markets since our foundation in 1988. As a rule, we generate around half of our annual turnover in exports. In addition to Finland, our strong market areas include the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Russia, Canada and the Far East. Our customers are primarily shipping companies, shipyards, other planning offices and various actors who act as main clients in shipbuilding projects, such as companies in the defense industry or trading houses.

Our major Finnish customers include the state, the naval forces, private shipowners, shipyards and other planning offices. For example, the four youngest Finnish icebreakers were built on the basis of the concepts we developed, and numerous liaison ships that we have planned operate on the Finnish coast and in the archipelago. In addition, we have planned or modified numerous multi-purpose ships and buoy layers as well as ships for combating oil and chemicals that secure maritime traffic and protect our Nordic environment.

We offer our customers comprehensive know-how which, based on the proven Finnish shipbuilding tradition, always leads to good results. In our company, well-founded professional competence and experience are combined with knowledge of the latest development trends in the industry. We have mastered the theory and practice of ship planning and the shipyard environment as well as modern planning software. In the conception phase, we create 3-D models, illustrations and even 3-D printouts of our shipbuilding plans for illustration purposes. We are also perfect experts in the production of two-dimensional construction drawings.

Our services can always be tailored to the respective customer requirements. We can take over the planning of project sub-areas or offer the complete planning. We take on both small and large orders, plan both small modifications and large conversions, and are just as committed to work lasting a week as we are in projects lasting several years. Over the years we have had consulting work and research projects to do again and again.

One of our special services is the adaptation of finished ship concepts to winter operating conditions (ship winterization), as we have done recently for Korean, Canadian and German customers. Many major players in the shipbuilding industry have shown great interest in this service and we are trying to actively market it.

We are always looking for new customers. If you would like to find out more about our business, visit our stand at one of the international shipbuilding fairs or contact us by phone or email.