Where do your hands go while driving

Car keys and CarPlay. Smarter from
A to B.

With new digital car keys and the seamless Apple CarPlay experience, you can now use your iPhone even better in the car. Simply open and start your car with the digital car key. And experience everything you like about your iPhone, safely behind the wheel.

Open and start your car with the iPhone.

You can now open and start selected new models that will be launched on the market in 2021 with your iPhone. Sharing the key with friends or family is easy too. And you can create restricted profiles, which is good for novice drivers. The keys work for up to five hours after your iPhone battery runs out.1

The perfect passenger.

With CarPlay, you can use your iPhone more safely and intelligently while driving. You can get directions, make phone calls, send and receive messages, and play your favorite music. Everything on your car display. And from iOS 14 there is CarPlay with completely new app categories and your own background images for your CarPlay dashboard.


The iPhone
shows you the way.

All the advantages of the Apple Maps app are also available in the car. Based on addresses in your emails, text messages, contacts and calendars, CarPlay can predict where you are going. And with a detailed map, spoken turn-by-turn navigation and impressive 3D views, it is easier than ever to get to where you want to go. You can find your favorite places and places of interest with a tap of the finger, so that you can see and do more as soon as you are there - whether you are looking for interesting places, going to one of your favorite restaurants or looking for a gas station nearby.


When the street calls, call back.

Make calls, call back or listen to voicemails. Siri can help you with all of these things. You just have to ask.


Reading and writing is now listening and dictating.

You can now send audio messages with Siri for iOS and CarPlay so you don't have to look at your iPhone while driving. You can also ask Siri to share your arrival time with someone on your contact list while you navigate with Apple Maps. So everyone knows who needs to know.


All your music.
Nicely arranged.

Access all content from your Apple Music subscription and other audio apps via the controls in your car. Search for artists, albums or songs. You can see what's on and what's next. Ask Siri to play your favorite Arcade Fire song, be your personal DJ, or stream one of over 100,000 live radio stations.


Keep roads and

Dates at a glance.

The calendar app gives you a quick, easy overview of everything that happens on your day while you are on the go. If you have a meeting, you can navigate to it with a tap of your finger or dial in from the drive. And because you then use the speakers and microphones in your car, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Listen to your word.

Or touch. Or turning.

CarPlay works with Siri's voice control and has been specially developed for use in the car. But it also works with the controls in the car - whether buttons, buttons, touchpad or touchscreen. And the apps have been redesigned for the car. So you can use them while your hands and eyes stay where they belong while driving.


You activate Siri's voice control by simply pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel.


If your CarPlay-enabled car has a touchscreen, you can use it to control CarPlay.

Buttons and controls

CarPlay also works with the buttons, controls or buttons in the car. Anything that the display can control can also control CarPlay.

Bring more apps with you on the go.

CarPlay also supports other apps on your iPhone. For example, your audio and news apps as well as apps that you control with your voice and apps in new categories - for parking, charging e-vehicles and for quickly ordering food. And it supports apps from automakers. So you can control even more functions of your car without leaving CarPlay.2 Personalize CarPlay by using the settings on your iPhone to determine how your apps are displayed. And app developers now have access to a variety of tools and templates to give you smarter, safer ways to use your iPhone in the car.

    Choose your app to navigate.

    CarPlay supports navigation apps from other providers. This gives you even more options to reach your goal.

      The CarPlay model range

      All of the major automakers have worked with us to support CarPlay. There are already over 600 models to choose from, with more to come.3

      See all models compatible with CarPlay

      • Abarth

      • Acura

      • Alfa Romeo

      • Aston Martin

      • Audi

      • Baojun

      • Bentley

      • BMW

      • Borgward

      • Buick

      • Cadillac

      • Chery

      • Chevrolet

      • Chrysler

      • Citroën

      • Cowin

      • Datsun

      • Dodge

      • DongFeng engine

      • DS

      • Ferrari

      • Fiat

      • ford

      • genesis

      • GMC

      • Haima

      • Haval

      • Holden

      • Honda

      • Honda engine

      • Hyundai

      • infiniti

      • jaguar

      • jeep

      • Kia

      • Lamborghini

      • Land Rover

      • Lexus

      • Lifan

      • Lincoln

      • Maserati

      • Mazda

      • Mercedes

      • mini

      • Mitsubishi

      • MG

      • Nissan

      • Opel

      • Peugeot

      • Porsche

      • Qoros

      • R.A.M

      • Renault

      • Roewe

      • Seat

      • Škoda

      • Subaru

      • Suzuki

      • Tata

      • Toyota

      • Vauxhall

      • VW

      • Volvo

      You can also use CarPlay in your car with special accessories.

      • Alpine

      • Blaupunkt

      • Clarion

      • JVC

      • Kenwood

      • Pioneer

      • Sony

      CarPlay is compatible with the following iPhone models.

      • iPhone 12 Pro
      • iPhone 12 Pro Max
      • iPhone 12
      • iPhone 12 mini
      • iPhone 11 Pro
      • iPhone 11 Pro Max
      • iPhone 11
      • iPhone XSiPhone ten s
      • iPhone XS MaxiPhone ten s Max
      • iPhone XRiPhone ten r
      • iPhone X
      • iPhone 8
      • iPhone 8 Plus
      • iPhone 7
      • iPhone 7 Plus
      • iPhone 6s
      • iPhone 6s Plus
      • iPhone 6
      • iPhone 6 Plus
      • iPhone SE (1st generation)
      • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
      • iPhone 5s
      • iPhone 5c
      • iPhone 5