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We would like to introduce the travel managers in the Hanover and Aschaffenburg offices. Our team is very knowledgeable about and under water and that makes our service special. This is also supported by specialist study trips to all over the world. We are a colorful team in every respect and perfect service, personal (also extraordinary) experiences are our foundation. We adapt the travel offers to your personal wishes and look forward to your inquiries!


We calculate your trip at the cheapest price of the day. On request, we will also find the right flight connection for you. A last-minute flight or a transfer connection can make the total price of your modular trip quite attractive compared to an off-the-peg package tour.


tourmare only works with experienced service providers. A smooth travel process through renowned tour operators, boat providers and professional agencies on site guarantee you a successful vacation. tourmare is a member of the ADTO

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Your trips are of course covered according to the legal regulations.

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You can reach the tourmare team of experts from Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., as well as by appointment!

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Heike Pühler - responsible for tourism / customer care and administration

After studying economics, I combined my passion for traveling with my job. During a joint diving course, Enna Schumacher and I decidedTravel & Bookto found. Our diving tour operator came later tourmare travel added. Now we have decided to merge our companies and use the name tourmare: dream and diving trips to continue working. Even after 30 years I am still an enthusiastic tourism expert and have many beautiful, exciting and exciting experiences that I would like to pass on to our customers as recommendations. It always pulls me into the distance and under water. My favorite destinations are South Africa and Asia, but I am open to the world and like to discover new things, like recently Oman, the Seychelles or old new things like New York, Vienna and when finally a little longer time is possible for vacation also Australia ...
You can reach me by email at [email protected] • Fon (0511) 715 070 • Skype: tourmarenord

Enna Schumacher - responsible for tourism / customer care and marketing

I have been working in tourism with our travel agency since 1990 Travel & Book, then later additionally with our tour operator tourmare travel. I never got bored - what a nice job: daily with my fingers on the map and thoughts in distant countries, on the trail of new and well-known travel ideas ...
I have traveled to many countries and seas and my first diving trip took me to the Red Sea in 1989, soon followed by a diving safari in the Maldives. For me, there is more to vacation than just relaxing on the beach - being active, getting to know the country and its people and enjoying with all your senses: be it a diving vacation, a city trip, a hiking vacation ... but I always want to go to the sea ;-)

Christine Fresemann - responsible for cruises

I have traveled a lot and have visited national parks in Canada and explored the jungle in the Caribbean on the island of Dominica. In order to get to know more of the world and not have to pack my suitcase every day, I then went on cruise ships. My cruises took me to the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, among others.
The cruise bug grabbed me and I wanted to bring this fascinating travel opportunity closer to other people. I started a tourism apprenticeship and am enthusiastic about the many travel opportunities and offers for the big wide world!
I have been part of the tourmare team as a cruise consultant since summer 2015, I found my dream job and can pass on my experiences and great experiences to customers. As always, my next holiday dream has to do with the sea, ship and nature.
Unfortunately Christine Fresemann has not been part of the tourmare Reisen team since November 1st, 2020. Please address your questions to: [email protected] • Fon (0511) 715 070

Claudia Kinne - responsible for preparing offers

The curiosity to travel to countries and get to know landscapes, people and other cultures in the process brought me to tourism in 1997. At first I found it very interesting to fly to a country with just a plane ticket and to discover it for myself, until I got to know tourmare Reisen and learned how many travel options there are in combination with a liveaboard, to not only see the world - but also get to know underwater.
What fascinates me most about working at tourmare is the wide range of opportunities to discover the world - and a super nice team. I like to spend my free time gardening and doing yoga. My favorite travel destination right now is Asia, and I often go to France with my family.
You can reach me by email at [email protected] • Fon (0511) 715 070 • Skype: claudiakinne

Dirk Krüßmann - responsible for our diving group trips

During a surfing vacation in the Red Sea, while snorkeling, I got the idea to do a scuba diving course. As soon as I was underwater with a device for the first time, I was “addicted to Mee (h) r” and only trips to beautiful diving destinations were on my leisure program. On one of these trips I got the idea to become a diving instructor and work in this profession. I have already experienced 23 years as a diving instructor and liveaboard guide (many of them in Egypt) and the fascination for the underwater world has not diminished.
Now love has brought me back to Germany and I look forward to bringing my experience to tourmare and supporting you in planning the best time of the year. I have been part of the tourmare team since January 2017 and am getting to know the world of diving tourism. I am also looking forward to the group tours that I will be accompanying ...
Unfortunately, Dirk Krüßmann has not been part of the tourmare Reisen team since January 1st, 2021. Please address your questions to: [email protected] Phone (0511) 715 070

Maike Schmidt - responsible for customer care / preparation of offers

I've been withtourmare travel on board. As a result of my training there, I am now also very fascinated by diving. I am always excited about how big, wide and colorful the world is. Every single trip is always something special in its own way and it is a lot of fun to help customers plan the best days of the year :-).
Over water, many different countries came on my personal map of the world and after completing my diving license in Turkey in 2013, I can now also discover the world under water. In addition to traveling, I like to take photos for my life and everything that jumps in front of my lens. Maybe at some point there will be an opportunity to combine photography and diving.
Unfortunately Maike Schmidt has not been part of the tourmare Reisen team since December 1st, 2020. Please address your questions to: [email protected] Phone (0511) 715 070

Volker Maethner - responsible for accounting

After working for a tax consultancy for over 20 years, I took time for a long vacation. My trip took me to New Zealand for 2 months in wonderful landscapes.
Since May 2018 I have immersed myself in the world of accounting at tourmare and am responsible for everything to do with numbers, balances, T-accounts and back office.

Ruth Dalemans-Posor - responsible for the diving trips program

At the age of 15 I was already drawn to the big wide world, my first destination was Canada. Grabbed by the travel bug, the foreign cultures, people and beautiful landscapes enriched me on many other trips. I like to combine traveling with sporting activities and that's how I finally discovered the fascination of diving. In 1990 I made this hobby my job and opened a diving shop with a travel agency in Aschaffenburg together with my husband, as well as a diving base in Egypt. Since 2005 I can share my enthusiasm for foreign countries and divingtourmare travel and I am still passionate about what I do.
You can reach me by email at [email protected] • Fon 0511-3309970-6 • Skype: tourmaresued

Wolfram Eisert-Kampfmann - specialist for technology / IT

I did my first dive in a cloudy harbor basin in Croatia. Nevertheless, the fascination of diving has not let go of me since then. The contact was made through divingtourmare travel conditions. Since the first days I've been taking care of the technology - mainly our website. Letting that holiday feeling arise when planning and booking the trip - that is the focus of my work on our website. At the moment my two boys keep me busy - but I hope to be able to "go underground" again soon. By working with the pictures and videos of our travel destinations, I am on the move "medially" every day ...