Is there an end to true friendship

4 qualities of a true friendship

Last update: 26th August, 2019

"Friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies."


Friends are a supportive pillar in people's lives. We could say that they are our companions in life. Obviously, friendly relationships offer us much more than just help when we need it. Not only is this hypothesis part of popular wisdom, there are studies to show that a great and solid social support extends our lives.

But when it comes to friendships, we sometimes have thoughts like: “What is it actually that distinguishes a true friendship from a simple colleague?”, “What are the emotional requirements that make a friend so unique that we include him in our hearts as a best friend or soul mate?”

Robert Rowney, psychiatrist and director of the mood disorder unit at Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA), explains that it was definite Habits that distinguish loyal friends from those who are not.

There are 4 qualities we talk about today to distinguish true friendships from colleagues or acquaintances. Of course, when examining these four indicators, we should have the ability and confidence to to confront the truth or realityeven if it may be painful or uncomfortable at first.

What are the four qualities that distinguish true friendships from other relationships in our life?

1. They motivate us to accept ourselves better. We humans have a tendency to be very self-critical (which, however, can also be constructive). The psychiatrist Rowney tells us encourage true friends when we are too strict on ourselves.

"People feel better around people they trust, who can give them encouragement and support when needed."

The closest friends are those who are us express their opinion when they see that we are too strict on ourselves.

"True friends naturally increase our self-esteem, and in return animating a friend makes us feel good too."

2. They tell us when we are wrong. They feel confident in knowing that they only want what's best for us, and that's why warn us if you think we are making a mistake. Neither of us is perfect, and our real friends are able to spot our mistakes and alert us to them so that we can learn.

"They are able to show us what we are doing well as well as where our weak points are, and give us the support we might need in both cases."

It is that Friend's sensitivitywhich shows us that this person is really special to us and plays an important role in our everyday life.

“If it's someone you've just met or who isn't really close to you, they will hardly dare tell you anything that may be uncomfortable for you. A trusted friend, in turn, knows how best to bring you the things you need to hear. This clarity and directness is of great value! "

3. You can count on his help and support. One of the amazing features your best friend likes to share with you is his eternal care and attention for you."A true friend sees your needs as if they were their own"says Rowney.

If you want to check whether that friend is really ready to give you their full attention, see if they are mute your cell phone when you're together. According to a 2012 UK study, the presence of a cell phone while meeting someone can distract us. Your best friend would do this Avoid distraction.

4. You hear with your heart. It is a classic habit to change the subject while talking to speak of yourself. You'll agree when I say that sharing with real friends no monologue or self-talk is.

“If we're able to get one open dialogue Leading with one person gives us more opportunities to strengthen that relationship. " Paul Sacco, PhD and Assistant Professor at the College of Social Work at the University of Maryland, Maryland, USA says: "The key to a balanced conversation between two people is to actively pay attention to what the other person is saying."

To this end, he published in the HuffPost Healthy Living The following: “People who are good listeners validate other people's feelings. They show that what they are told is meaningful and worth hearing ”.