Slowly rejecting Microsoft SharePoint

Approval workflow with SharePoint and InfoPath

28 Jul 2009, 11:41 am
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I have the following task, but I'm not getting anywhere. Already googled like crazy but couldn't find anything useful I'm still a SharePoint newbie and have little idea about this thing

The following scenario:
We have application forms in paper form here if new users are to be created or the authorizations of existing users are to be changed. The whole thing then happens in such a way that IT fills out these forms and presents them to the boss for approval. They then approve or reject the application. The application then goes back to IT, where the user accounts are created or changed once the application has been approved.

And I would now like to map this approval process using the SharePoint workflow and InfoPath. The InfoPath form should be designed as a website so that everything can be done conveniently in the browser.

And corresponding notification emails would also be nice. So the boss gets a mail when he is supposed to approve something or the applicant gets a mail when the application has been approved or rejected.

I hope someone can help me. (Or at least name a forum where I could be helped)

Many thanks in advance

best regards
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