How to become a designer on Google

With Google Web Designer, you can create attractive, interactive HTML5-based designs and animated graphics that are displayed convincingly on all devices.

Mac 10.10.x or later, Win 7 or later, Linux 64-bit

You can use Google Web Designer to create visually appealing HTML5 content. Animations and interactive elements bring your creatives to life. You also benefit from the seamless integration with other Google products such as Google Drive, Display & Video 360 and Google Ads.

  • Events

    You can set up events so that your creative reacts to a user's actions, such as movement, such as touching the screen, rotating or shaking the mobile device. You have the option of using preconfigured events or creating new events with JavaScript.

  • Components

    You can drag and drop components into your project to add image galleries, video players, maps, and other functions. In addition, measured values ​​are automatically recorded for each component without having to be specially programmed.

  • pages

    If you want a project to contain multiple scenes, you can create multiple pages. This way, a creative will show up to your audience in a number of different ways.

  • Dynamic workflow

    You can use the dynamic ad workflow to tailor your ad to the target audience. Here you connect elements with data signals and get a preview of your creative with a sample feed.

  • Responsive ads

    Add media rules to your ad unit to control the style and layout of your creative, and to ensure that a single ad unit automatically resizes to fit any screen size.

  • Select modes

    Create animations by lining up simple scenes in quick mode or using layers on a timeline in advanced mode. Using motion paths and custom easing, you can make the animation the way you want.

  • 3D

    The powerful style sheet language CSS3 is available to you to create and edit 3D content. You can rotate objects and 2D designs on any axis and get a visual impression of transformations and displacements in three dimensions.

  • Google integrations

    Other Google products can also be used to create ads. Just browse Google Fonts and use assets from Studio's asset library. After you've finished your creative, you can publish it directly to Studio or share the files in Google Drive.

  • Content creation tools

    The Shape Tool and the Pen Tool give you the ability to create your own designs, add text, and import assets. You can then adjust the properties of the individual elements and thus optimize your design.


Are you a designer or a developer? Then Google Web Designer has exactly the tools you need. This not only gives you a complete design suite, but also allows you to edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly. You can switch between code and design views and see what your changes look like immediately.