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• Hope and joy are the best doctors.
(Wilhelm Raabe)

• The best doctors in the world are Dr. Diet, Dr. Calm and Dr. Happy.
(Jonathan Swift)

• The doctor only despairs when the patient no longer feels that he is suffering.
(Johann Jakob Engel)

• The doctor should and must not do anything other than preserve life, whether it is luck or unhappiness, whether it has value or not, this is none of his business.
And if he once presumes to include this consideration in his business, the consequences are incalculable and the doctor becomes the most dangerous person in the state.
(Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland)

• Are you surprised by the countless diseases? Count the doctors!
(Heinrich von Kleist)

• It is the greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases that there are doctors for the body and doctors for the soul, where the two cannot be separated.

• A doctor and a farmer know more than a doctor alone.

• A young doctor must have a cemetery to bury.
(Georg Rollehagen)

• The doctor who does not advise to control his affects cannot do his job to the full.
(Moses Maimonides)

• A sword wound heals and heals very quickly when a doctor tends to it, but the love wound worsens when your doctor is around.
(Chrétien de Troyes)

• The true doctor bows reverently before the Godhead.

• The doctor sees man in all his weakness, the lawyer in all his wickedness and the priest in all his stupidity.

• A doctor can be a fool, but a fool cannot be a doctor.

• Doctors can bury their mistakes, but an architect can only advise clients to plant ivy.
(George Sand)

• There is one evil from which doctors always heal us in the long run: our gullibility.
(Jean Antoine Petit-Senn)

• Put your pacifier in my mouth and give me real clouds! My doctor himself says it's healthy and a doctor has to be followed.
(Eduard Mörike)

• The sick are angry with a doctor who does not prescribe anything. They think they have been given up by him.

• A pharmacist is an accomplice of the doctor, benefactor of the undertaker and breadwinner of the worms.
(Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce)

• Beware of the doctor whose wife sells graves, whose brother owns a granite quarry and whose father deals in shovels.

• Live moderately in all contemplation, so you may see the doctor with you as a friend, but you will seldom need his help.
(Adolph Freiherr von Knigge)

• The food should be your medicine and not the medicine your food

• You have to be born for your doctor, otherwise you will perish with your doctor.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

• All people are doctors after they have been healed.
(Irish saying)

• One should never go to a doctor without knowing what their favorite diagnosis is.
(Henry Fielding)

• If medicine doesn't do any harm, one should be happy and not even ask for it to be of use.
(Pierre Augustin Carson de Beaumarchais)

• No doctor falls from the sky.

• Doctors are God's tinkerers.
(German saying)

• Don't trust a doctor, his antidote is poison.
(William Shakespeare)

• Doctors shouldn't say: "I healed him", but rather: "He didn't die to me."
(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

• It is not the doctor who cures the disease, but the body heals the disease.

• The best doctor is the disease; Promises are made to knowledge and goodness, and suffering is obeyed.
(Marcel Proust)

• Have the doctor as a friend and the pharmacist as a cousin, you must die.

• Not taking any medication works as well as having a mediocre doctor.
(Proverb from China)

• It's easy to pull on medicine when you're in good health.

• Thank God, as often as the illness was this year, four children and one old man were buried; because our doctor is traveling.
(Friedrich Haug)

• So we should know that there are two kinds of doctors: those acting out of love and out of selfishness.
(Philip Theophrastus Paracelsus)

• A doctor who has never been sick himself is not a good doctor.

• It is better to cross the Rhine with a fisherman's boy of nine years than with a doctor of seventy.