Can reflexology help with thyroid problems

But strong stimuli such as alternating showers, increasing footbaths and full-body brush massages also have a very good effect.

8. Relaxation

An overactive thyroid requires countermeasures. They should serve to remove heat and relax, as these processes dampen the activity of the thyroid gland.

Treading water, cold calf and neck wraps and cool upper body washes are particularly suitable.

Valerian, lemon balm or hops as well as warm (not hot!), Relaxing baths are suitable to calm the nervous system. Meditation, autogenic training, tai chi or similar calming types of movement are also very helpful.

9. Solve emotional conflicts

Of course, psychological problems can also contribute to an overload of the body. Since the thyroid stands for growth and development on a psychological level, traumatic experiences that occurred as a child and manifested during development can be connected with the development of a later thyroid disease.

Hostile feelings, inexplicable fears or strong aggression are just a few of the possible effects that can be found in childhood and manifest themselves in thyroid disease in adulthood.

Therefore, the recommendation applies here to concretize a possibly given emotional stress with the help of an experienced therapist so that it can finally be resolved. Often this also solves the thyroid problem at the same time.

Support your body with a thyroid disease

Thyroid disease can significantly affect the quality of life. From a conventional medical point of view, mostly permanent medication (up to and including surgery) is seen as the only possible therapy for the thyroid gland. However, as you now know, you can take an active part in the recovery of your thyroid yourself. The more sustainably you relieve your body (see helpful measures), the more energy it will have to regulate the thyroid functions that are out of balance.

So your body is quite capable of healing itself in many situations. However, you have to support him if you do not want to be dependent on medication for life.

You can find information on the symptoms, possible causes, correct diagnosis and holistic approach to an underactive thyroid via the respective links in this sentence.

* An exciting book on the thyroid can be found here: Heal Your Thyroid: The Truth About Hashimoto

Note: If you are already taking thyroid medication, please never stop taking them on your own! Life-threatening symptoms could develop. At best, the drugs can be slowly tapered off - and only with the agreement and support of your doctor or alternative practitioner.

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