How does Apple prevent arbitrage on iTunes

iPhone Backup: Here's How to Back Up Personal Data on iOS Device and Restore Data

Concept and meaning

If your Apple smartphone is lost, it is already too late. All of your personal data such as contacts and photos are gone. You can prevent this with a backup, i.e. safety storage.

Backup methods for iOS devices

There are two options at Apple to create a backup as a data backup. On the one hand you can back up your personal data with the iCloud and on the other hand with the iTunes software.

The first variant is the simpler way of data backup, but the storage space is limited.

Tip: You should back up memory-intensive data such as photos and videos using an iTunes backup. Data that are not as resource-intensive as contacts and notes can be quickly and easily stored and backed up in the iCloud.

iPhone backup via iCloud

With iCloud, Apple provides you with free cloud-based online storage with a volume of up to five gigabytes (GB). After that, a larger data volume is also available in the Apple cloud for a small monthly surcharge.