Which planet is the water planet

The earth - our home is a water planet

The earth is a water planet. It is the only planet in our solar system with liquid water on its surface. Water falls as rain and snow, water flows in streams, rivers and huge streams into the oceans. The ice masses of the Arctic and Antarctic and the glaciers in the mountains consist of water that is thousands of years old. A lot of water is also stored in the atmosphere, some of which we see as clouds.

Life on a thin crust

The earth is also the only planet in our solar system with a spirit crust made up of several plates. The crust is relatively thin and on average only 35 kilometers thick. When the plates of the earth's crust rub against each other, or when they slide against each other, this leads to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If two plates collide, whole mountains unfold. This is how enormous mountain ranges such as the Himalay, the Andes and the European Alps have emerged.

Unique - but why?

Our home planet Earth is one of the inner planets of our solar system alongside Mercury, Venus and Mars. The earth is at the optimal distance from the sun because it traces its orbit exactly in the middle of the habitable zone. It is neither too hot nor too cold there. That is why water is in liquid form. In addition, the earth has just the right mass and thus the right force of attraction to be able to hold onto its atmosphere. The atmosphere contains oxygen, which is vital to organic life as we know it. A special form of oxygen, ozone, forms a protective layer against harmful ultraviolet radiation. And finally, the earth has a magnetic field that conducts deadly cosmic rays and electrical particles around the earth. The giant planet Jupiter, on the other hand, stabilizes our climate. Its enormous gravity prevents the earth's axis from constantly overturning. The resulting stable seasons and climatic zones were an important prerequisite for the development of life on earth.

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