How is the performance of HTC phones

HTC: Overview of current smartphones and tablets

Wide range of products at HTC

Despite this success, HTC's development into one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones was not free from setbacks. In 2012 and 2013, the Taiwanese supplier had to record sales declines, despite a booming overall market, which was mainly due to an excessively wide range of products. Unlike the industry leaders Samsung and Apple, HTC did not concentrate on a few models that were then advertised with corresponding effort, but always offered a particularly large selection of devices that often differed only in a few points.

HTC as a challenger to Apple and Samsung

According to industry experts, HTC's strategy worked well as long as smartphones were a niche product for an avant-garde consumer with a particularly high affinity for technology. In today's mass market, however, the majority of smartphone customers are not interested in looking through long lists of device properties, but often decide on their guts for one of the currently best-known devices - and while the launch of the latest iPhone is a major annual event, they found the many new developments of the numerous devices from HTC often comparatively little attention. The Taiwanese have long lacked a product that could compete with the global presence of an iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy products. That should eventually change with the HTC One.

The HTC One line of products - a global hit

Designed as a challenger to Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy products, the HTC One quickly became a global hit itself. The Mobile World Congress voted it smartphone of the year 2013, and the HTC One was also extremely well received by customers, so that HTC was able to speak of the most successful sales launch in the company's history after just a few months. The HTC One product range is rounded off by the tablet-sized HTC One Max and the compact HTC One Mini.

The successor model HTC One (M8), which came onto the market one year after the successful launch of the HTC One, continues the successful line of its predecessor with strong technical data and the elegant design typical of the HTC One product range. The Verivox smartphone expert Lutz Herkner rated the HTC One (M8) in his test report as "one of the most attractive smartphones these days". The cheaper variant HTC One (E8) turns out to be equal to the M8 in the test and takes even better photos.

In April 2016, HTC changed the name of the series. The HTC 10 has not only lost the part of its name "One", but has also been given, for example, a larger internal memory and working memory and a longer runtime.

HTC smartphones in the test

The HTC Desire products - great performance, small prices

With the models of the HTC Desire series, HTC offers attractive devices in the lower and middle price segment. These Android smartphones are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. The sales launch of the first HTC Desire was accompanied by enthusiastic reports. Since then, the HTC Desire product line has been continuously expanded, with the newer models also achieving very good test results.

HTC 8 with Windows Phone - top marks for hardware and design

With the HTC 8 series, which is equipped with the Windows Phone 8 operating system, HTC is also making a suitable smartphone offer for Windows fans. Despite good values ​​for the hardware and their minimalist design, the HTC 8 series of smartphones struggle with the fact that the Windows Phone operating system is not nearly as dominant in the smartphone market as it is for PCs.