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Interview with Curly: "I just want people to hear the songs"

Hello Curly. How are you?

Everything chill!

When I just googled you, number one was an article about you from “”. Does that describe Curly quite well?

In any! S / o to Google and! Top ranking!

I just noticed: some time ago you could still hear your music under the name Curlyman. Why the name change?

Everyone just called me Curly, then at some point I thought just ok chill, I'll just do Curly.

Has anything changed musically with the new name?

In general, my sound has changed. I used to do mostly BoomBap Battle-Rap, now I do more modern sound and put more emphasis on the vibe and melodies than eight-syllable rhymes when I write songs.

Your last album "Munchies" was consistently well produced. How does a “newcomer” get to such great producers and video dudes?

Thanks! I put a lot of emphasis on great beats. I have known Enaka for over 7 years and lived with him and Schote for years in a shared apartment, and Max Mostley has also been a very good friend for several years, with whom I lived until recently. Even Young Kira, who produced and will produce some of the new stuff, has been around for 10 years, so they're all homiez.

The same with Timo Milbredt, we shot the “why not” video and we've been bros since then and he makes all my videos. If it fits, then it just fits. I actually only work with people I hang out with or live with, hahaha.

“Munchies” is more than a kind of insider tip. Are you a little sad that it didn't bring huge success?

Yeah, I've been cutting myself ever since.



You are currently bringing in new singles on a regular basis. Is a new project already being planned?

There will definitely be some new videos and singles dropped this year! We're doing a lot right now and I already have some more nasty things on my hard drive!

Is this single dropping also a reaction of yours, in order to better respond to the whole streaming?

Definitely, I just want people to hear the songs and I think that knocking out an album of 12 songs at once wouldn't be the best way. With these playlists you are no longer used to hearing 12 songs in a row by one artist. That's why we're now shooting a video for every song. Boom.

Which rappers are your inspiration when you make music?

Family Guy, Travis Scott, Timo Milbredt.

You write mainstream pop songs on Instagram for Mike Singer, among others. How difficult is it for you? Is it easier to write songs for other artists than your own?

What are Instagram Pop Songs? I just celebrate making music with other chilled out people. It's not difficult for me, otherwise I would have the wrong job. I don't think you can generally say that, it always depends on the vibe, is it good, it works, whether for me or for others. s / o Mike Singer

Do you see another career path for you in songwriting?

Absolutely, is already my second mainstay.

Thank you for the interview. The last words are yours.

Thanks for the support, I'll be on tour with JUSE JU in September and October! Come by and check out my latest video "LATENIGHT".


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