How do I learn CCNA

Course offer

The following courses, which are continuously updated, are available:

IT Essentials - PC hardware and software

IT Essentials is the introductory course in the Networking Academy program. It contains an introduction to the basics of computer technology and includes practical use of hardware and software. The participants acquire basic knowledge and skills in order to set up and operate a small network for the home sector or a small business.

You can then take the IT Tech, CompTIA A + or EUCIP IT Administrator certificate exams.

Languages: IT Essentials is available in different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.

CCNA Discovery

CCNA Discovery participants acquire application-related knowledge of network technology. A practice-oriented educational concept leads the learners from questions that arise in the area of ​​home networks to topics related to more complex company networks. Basic skills in routing, switching and advanced technologies are imparted and the participants are prepared for the Cisco CCENT and CCNA certificate exams, which represent a solid basis for starting a career in the network area.

Languages: CCNA Discovery is available in different languages: English, French, German (partially), Spanish, Turkish etc.

CCNA exploration

The CCNA Exploration imparts network competence with a more technology-oriented approach and is aimed at learners with a pre-existing technical understanding. Transmission protocols and theoretical fundamentals of network technology are dealt with in greater depth, basic skills in routing, switching and advanced technologies are conveyed and the participants are prepared for the CCNA certificate examination.

CCNA Security

Building on the knowledge of the CCNA courses, the CCNA Security course offers an introduction to security concepts and provides the skills required for installing, troubleshooting and monitoring network components in order to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices. Participants will be prepared for the Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS) exam.


The CCNP provides advanced network skills that are prerequisites for the operation of sophisticated network architectures and convergent networks. The participants are prepared for the Cisco CCNP certificate exam and acquire the prerequisites for entry into the core area of ​​the IT industry.

Additional offers

CCNA curriculum overview

This interactive guide provides an overview of the differences between CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration and supports you in choosing the optimal course.

Packet tracer

The Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful simulation software that the Networking Academies can use free of charge.

Resources for teachers, students and alumni

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  • NetAcad Advantage - the career portal of the Cisco Networking Academy Community