How good is CS in SRM

Echo SRM 236 ESU

The small power packs from ECHO in the version with a professional U-handle system.

Everywhere around the house, in the garden and on the weekend property. The right brushcutters for private property maintenance. With easy start system "iSi-Start", rigid drive shaft for particularly long durability and carrying strap for comfortable work.

· 21.2 cm³ displacement
0.71 kW power
5.7 kg weight
· Delivery incl. Line head, 3-tooth knife and shoulder strap
· Attachable hedge trimmer

€ 350,00

The lightweight universal chainsaw from ECHO

... is characterized above all by good handling with high performance and can be used universally: Whether for tree care, for firewood or for carving. Thanks to its compact design, the ECHO CS-310ES is ideal for sawing firewood.

30 cm sword length
· Echo 2-stroke petrol engine
· 30.5 cm³ displacement
Power according to ECHO 1.1 kW (1.5 PS)
· Power-to-weight ratio: 3.64 kg / kW
· ECHO easy start system "iSi-Start", anti-vibration system
· Vibration value (front / rear): 5.6 / 6.9 m / s²
· Fuel: 2-stroke mixture, mix ratio according to engine instructions
Chain pitch 3 / 8H ", groove width 0.050", lateral chain tension, automatic oil lubrication
Sound pressure level: 97.9 dB (A), sound power level: 111 dB (A)
· Weight 4.0 kg
· Toolless tank cap

€ 229,00

Versatile and powerful universal saw of the latest generation

... for excellent performance and optimal comfort. Our new development exceeds your expectations in many ways. Ideally suited for cultivation and thickening maintenance in agriculture. Features such as the new switch-off button, captive sprocket cover nuts, the semi-transparent tank with tool-free tank caps and the new air filter system improve comfort and ease of maintenance.

38 cm sword length
· Displacement: 45.0 m³
· Power: 2.3 kW
Weight: 5.0 kg
Standard rail length: 38 cm
· Chain pitch: .325 "
Groove width: 0.058 inches
· Engine: 2-stroke
· Maximum fuel tank capacity: 0.48 l
Maximum oil tank capacity: 0.28 l

€ 539,00

Compact 2.0 kW petrol chainsaw

Very suitable for sawing firewood. Lateral chain tension for easy and safe retensioning of the chain, long-term air filter system for long cleaning intervals, tool-free tank caps for easy and safe refueling, economical 2-MIX motor.

· Displacement: 42.6 cm³
· Power: 2 / 2.7 kW / PS
Weight: 4.8 kg
Rail length: 30-35 cm
· Power-to-weight ratio: 2.4 kg / kW
System weight (kg): 5.38 / 5.48 kg
Sound pressure level: 103 dB (A)
Sound power level: 114 dB (A)
· Vibration value left / right: 3.9 / 3.9 m / s²
CO2: 917 g / kWh
· Saw chain pitch: 3/8 "P
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type: Picco Micro 3 (PM3)

€ 451,25

SOLO professional saws are high-performance units for the most extreme loads

Long work intervals due to large filters, low fuel consumption due to digital ignition with a characteristic curve for the optimal ignition point and speed limitation for a long service life. Powerful and powerful, poisonous on the gas, ergonomically optimally refined

Motor: 4.3 kW (5.85 PS)
Sword length: 60 cm
Chain: 3/8 "- 1.5mm - 84 drive links
· Weight motor unit: 6.7 kg

· Cubic capacity 74.6 cm³
· Tank capacity petrol = 0.75 ltr.
· Tank capacity of chain oil = 0.42 ltr.
· Electronic ignition system
· Lateral adjustment of the chain tension · Magnesium crankcase
· Forged crankshaft
Decompression valve (for easier donning)
· Automatic chain brake
· Anti-vibration
OREGON professional sword Power-Match (full steel rail with exchangeable star tip)

€ 850,00