Are the medical universities in Ukraine good

Medical University of Kiev


Kiev Medical University is one of the largest Ukrainian private universities and the only one with around 3,200 enrolled students, 35% of whom are of foreign origin. All in all, the students at the Medical University of Kiev come from 56 different countries. Over 10,000 medical professionals have already been trained at the university - mainly general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and doctoral students. The graduates of the Medical University of Kiev even have the opportunity to take part in the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) after graduation. These certificates are recognized by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).

Lessons in the human medicine course in Kiev take place in small groups of six to ten students. This creates a more relaxed learning atmosphere and the lecturer has the opportunity to supervise the students individually. In contrast to Germany, there is always an obligation to attend lectures at Ukrainian universities. If you miss the lecture / seminar, you have to make up for what you missed.


If you want to apply to the Medical University of Kiev, you do not have to take any entrance exams. However, it is a prerequisite that you have taken the subjects physics, chemistry, biology and English in your Abitur at least at a basic level and have completed with a grade of over 65%. Evidence of internships in medical industries can further improve your chances of getting a medical degree.

In order to prepare you as best as possible for studying medicine in Ukraine, the Medical University of Kiev also offers a preparatory course before starting your studies. In this course you can learn Russian / Ukrainian, among other things, in order to communicate with patients during the practical phase of your studies. In principle, the course is intended to bring all freshmen to the same level.

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Kiev can look back on over 1500 years of history. Today the city is the economic and industrial center of Eastern Europe and is characterized by a rich cultural life. For culture lovers, there are many theaters that offer a wide variety of performances. Most of the performances are in Ukrainian or Russian. In general, Kiev is very colorful, diverse and open: Whether beautiful parks, several theaters and museums, wild techno parties, many cheap second-hand shops or modern bars in Eastern European prefabricated buildings - the city offers something for every taste.

The Medical University of Kiev has its own student dormitory in the immediate vicinity of the education campus. In addition, it is only a seven-minute walk from the main campus and easily accessible by all means of public transport such as the metro and bus. You can also find supermarkets and other grocery stores nearby.

Airlines like Ryanair and Wizzair have recently started offering cheap flights from Germany to Kiev. German citizens can enter Ukraine for the first 90 days without a visa. So before you start your studies, you are welcome to travel to Kiev for a weekend and see how you like the city.

Tuition fees at Kiev Medical University are € 3,200 per year. However, life in Kiev is much cheaper than in Germany. The cost of living is around € 700 per month. You will have to spend almost half of the budget on rent if you want to live in a 1-bedroom apartment. It is much cheaper to live in a student residence hall. However, there you have to share your room and bathroom with the other students.


The degree from the Medical University of Kiev is unfortunately not automatically recognized in Germany. Since Ukraine is not a member of the EU, you have to take an equivalency test after completing your studies. The responsible state examination office for medical health professions (LPA) examines your qualification individually. Before you decide to start your medical studies in Ukraine, you can get advice from the LPA.