Is solar water heating inexpensive

Cost of a thermal solar system

Such a solar thermal system is not cheap, but with the help of numerous subsidies and one-off grants, as well as the low operating costs, the system pays for itself within a few years.

With a typical solar system for the hot water preparation of a single family household in Austria (6 m² collector surface, 300 liter solar storage) you relieve your wallet by an average of 150 to 300 euros / year. And the environment by around one tonne of CO2 per year. Here is a rough overview of costs (the prices are guide values ​​and can vary considerably depending on the provider and funding situation in your state and municipality!):

Purchase and installation costs

Collector set + storage tank + solar fittings

3,300 euros


1,550 euros

Additional material

400 euros

Total costs including VAT.

5,250 euros

State funding (25% average) *

- 1,313 euros

Community funding (10% avg.) *

- 525 euros

Tax savings (special edition)

- 300 Euro

Saving, roof tiles, existing storage

- 550 euros

Saving on purchase

2,688 euros

remaining costs to the homeowner

2,562 euros

* Funding based on the Austrian average. Information can therefore differ from this model calculation in individual cases.

Cost savings compared to other energy sources

Solar energy 2,400 kWh / year *


corresponds to approx. 400 l oil *

224 euros

or approx. 343 m³ gas *

192 euros

or approx. 850 kg pellets *

170 euros

or approx. 2,400 kWh electricity *

288 euros

Savings in operation

170 to 290 euros

Saving for the environment:

1 ton of CO2 *

* Oil price assumed at € 0.56 / liter, gas price at € 0.56 / m³, pellet price at € 0.2 / kg, electricity price at € 0.12 / kWh. Annual boiler efficiency 60% for oil and pellets, 70% for gas, solar yield approx. 400 kWh / m² for water heating systems.

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