Who can get a Tatkal pass

Schengen visa and Indian passport stolen in India

Somebody stole my bag in Delhi last night. My bag contained a laptop and a passport with an unused Schengen visa. I have planned my trip for Germany and the flight will start in 6 days. Issuing a new passport is not an option as it takes up to a month to issue a new passport.

Can I still travel to Germany? Can the German embassy help me in this case?


I am sorry to say there is nothing you can do to make it up in six days.

To add to what other honorable commentators have to say, you can usually try applying for a Tatkaal passport while in India. This is an emergency passport that is issued very quickly. If you are lucky, you can have it in 1-2 days. Unfortunately it is not available in your case as Tatkaal is not available when your passport was stolen: see Case II (D) on page 10

And you can't leave India at all without a passport.

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