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Record growth in the German biotechnology industry

(Berlin - April 20, 2021) The German biotechnology industry grew faster in 2020 than it has done in years. This is the result of a survey of 687 private biotech companies that the biotechnology industry association BIO Deutschland published today. Including the 23 public, listed companies, total industry sales rose 36 percent and investment in research and development (R&D) increased 37 percent. The increase in jobs is also high at ten percent. No movement can be seen in the number of companies in Germany. This stagnated with an increase of only one percent. The turnover of the listed biotechnology companies contributes around 50 percent to the strong overall result. The industry association estimates that the growth in sales and R&D investments can be largely explained, but not only, by the high demand for biotechnological products, vaccines and therapies due to the pandemic.

Oliver Schacht, CEO of BIO Deutschland, comments on the results: “We are pleased about the very positive development of sales and R&D investments in the biotechnology industry. After around 70 of our member companies are committed to fighting the pandemic with diagnostics, vaccines and therapy developments, we expected to see increases here. The positive development of our industry is not only due to the high demand for biotechnological products to contain SARS-CoV-2. As a key technology, biotechnology offers important solutions for many areas of life, such as nutrition and agriculture as well as the production of detergents, plastics, textiles and cosmetics. The potential of biotechnology is huge. With the right framework conditions, we could see numerous other biotech beacons such as BioNTech and CureVac in Germany in the next few years. "

"In addition to the very positive development in sales and research expenditure, it is noticeable that the number of companies has changed little for the better," says Viola Bronsema, Managing Director of BIO Germany. “When it comes to supporting start-ups, politicians urgently need to make improvements. The founders have made a special contribution in the fight against the pandemic. Biotech companies have a hard time in this country because the business model of biotechnology does not fit the common idea of ​​a start-up. In our industry, investments and capital requirements are often high even in the start-up phase. This should also be taken into account when working out funding programs and in the framework conditions for financing, ”adds Bronsema.

Numerous German biotechnology companies develop and produce corona tests, vaccines and therapy offers to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and to treat COVID-19. The trend survey by BIO Deutschland at the turn of the year showed that around a quarter of the biotech companies with a positive business development in 2020 see the high demand for biotechnological products to contain the pandemic as the reason for the good business situation. However, the majority of companies also attribute the positive development of their company to other factors.

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The Biotechnology Industry Organization Germany (BIO Germany) with over 340 members - companies, bio-regions and industry service providers - and based in Berlin has set itself the goal of supporting and encouraging the development of an innovative economic sector in Germany based on modern biosciences promote. Oliver Schacht, Ph. D., is CEO of BIO Germany.

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