Which actress has the most attractive eyes

Stars with blue eyes - your blue eyes ...

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Blue eyes are Hollywood's most beautiful accessory. fem.com has chosen the 15 best pairs of eyes.

A meager eight percent of all people have blue eyes - only a tiny fraction of them live in Hollywood. Because if we ignore the cheating with blue-colored contact lenses, we cannot think of many stars who are naturally blue-eyed. One more reason for an ode to all Blue Eyes: fem.com has chosen the 15 most beautiful of them.

It doesn't get any bluer

The hard facts: Ten women and five men made it into the top 15. Of the blue-eyed women, who are clearly in the majority, four are blonde, five are brunette - and with Amy Adams there is even a redhead. It looks different with men: all blue-eyed boys are also dark-haired at the same time. Is that where the new favorite male type is emerging?

Top 15: Blue Eyes

By the way: With Zooey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel, two series stars made it into our top 15. And we admittedly turned a blind eye to the guy in fifth place, because the actor is actually way too young to land on our hot list.

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