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Quantum Activist - About Science to God

Quantum physics meets spirituality - a well-known scenario since “Bleep” at the latest. The “Quantum Activist” is the PhD quantum physicist Amit Goswami. The preoccupation with the question of who we humans are and what God is is the core of his life's work, which he enthusiastically presents in a film.


A revolution is underway in science. A real paradigm shift. While conventional science remains stuck with materialism, a growing group of scientists are supporting an entirely new worldview that requires that we learn to oppose the conditioning of our experiences. They call it the primacy of consciousness: we are the creators of our reality. One of the pioneers of this revolutionary new perspective is Prof. Dr. phil. Amit Goswami, who describes himself as a "Quantum Activist". In the documentary of the same name, he explains his vision of the limitless potential of consciousness as the basis of all being and explains how this revelation can help to lead a better life. Goswami emphatically challenges us - and a range of intellectual reasoning that has not been seen since Einstein - to fundamentally rethink our conception of existence and reality.


In the beginning was consciousness ... and it created the universe

Amit Goswami thus puts forward the daring theory that the universe does not consist of matter, but of consciousness. Like other great teachers before him, he advocates a necessary, radical change in the worldview. His views are based on the consideration of the primacy of consciousness: Is consciousness and not matter the root of all being? Was it perhaps the existence of a conscious observer that determined the emergence of our universe from a multitude of possibilities? Does thought create matter? And is individual consciousness a facade behind which a universal cosmic consciousness is hidden? Does this mean that every being is an unconscious facet of God?


A bridge to God - the unity of all world religions

Goswami's work reveals the all-embracing unity inherent in all world religions and mystical traditions. In a humorous way and beyond the complexity of mathematics, the film builds a bridge between God and science. Goswami explains how he broke away from the religious teachings of his childhood in order to find his way into atomic and quantum physics, only to eventually return to the religious principles of his youth through "quantum insight".

Inspired by the rediscovered mystical teachings of Hinduism, which his father tried to convey to him as a child, as well as European philosophers of past centuries, the teachings of theosophy and his knowledge of quantum physics, he formed the theory of monistic idealism. Here you will also find the concept of Atman, the individual soul, and Brahman, the all-connecting world soul, from the Advaita Vedanta.


And who is Amit Goswami anyway ...?

Prof. Dr. phil. Amit Goswami is a theoretical nuclear physicist. He has been a member of the University of Oregon Institute for Theoretical Physics since 1968 and has taught physics for 32 years. It was only late - at the age of 38 and after numerous emotionally demanding and stressful years in his private and professional life - that he shifted his research interest to the secrets of quantum cosmology, quantum measure theory and the applications of quantum mechanics in the body-mind context . Goswami and his quantum theories became known to a worldwide audience primarily through his appearance in the successful film “What the Bleep do we (k) now !?”. But Amit Goswami - who is considered a pioneer of mind-expanding sciences - has also written dozens of books of his own, from textbooks on quantum mechanics to books such as "The Conscious Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World" or "The Creative Evolution: Between Belief in God and Darwinism ”, which also deal with the concept of the primacy of consciousness. He passes on his world-changing insights in numerous seminars on the subjects of quantum creativity, quantum healing, physics of the soul or science & spirituality, which he holds in the USA, Brazil, Sweden and India.

The bestselling author Deepak Chopra characterized Goswami's work and teaching as follows: “Dr. As usual, Amit Goswami has the most brilliant insights into how consciousness creates, guides, constructs and becomes biology itself. "







DVD Quantum Activist - About Science to God
Horizon, 2010, 90 min, € 17.99, www.horizonfilm.de

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