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Do attractive people have advantages? Are they treated better than less attractive ones? How important is it to look good in an application photo? If one believes previous studies, one must answer these questions in the affirmative. They show that the more attractive they look, the more positive they are.

In order to check this, we presented test subjects with differently attractive faces (unattractive, moderately attractive and attractive) and asked them to assess the persons shown with regard to the following characteristics:

The results are shockingly clear. There is a pronounced stereotype of attractiveness: the more attractive the faces presented, the more successful, satisfied, sympathetic, intelligent, sociable, accessible, exciting, creative and hardworking the people were rated. The opposite applies to unattractive faces: the more unattractive, the more likely it is that negative characteristics are assumed.

The connection between attractiveness and positive personality traits is even very strong (correlations between .70 and .90; see report for details!). Earlier research could not find such strong effects. This is because - in contrast to other studies - we have consistently switched off disruptive factors such as clothing, smile, hairstyle, jewelry, lighting effects or changing picture backgrounds - what remains is only the (more or less attractive) face itself.

A small consolation for those who are less satisfied with their appearance: In everyday life, factors that are deliberately suppressed in an experiment play an important role. And with the right outfit, you can counteract a bad impression.

Still: beautiful people have a big bonus. You enjoy many advantages, especially in situations where the first impression counts. And that's only because we apparently so enlightened people of the 21st century fall for a simple fallacy: "What is beautiful is also good."

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