How does it help your family to quit smoking?

Away from smoking Quitting smoking: 9 tips to quit smoking

#1. Will is everything

Ultimately, the decision to quit smoking is yours. If you don't make the decision yourself, it will be next to impossible for you to get away from this addiction. Be confident in this decision. Throw away all cigarettes in your house, car, etc. and feel free to ask family and friends to help you with them. If you talk to your family about your plans, they will surely support you and you will have eliminated a stress factor at the same time.

# 2. Avoid discos and the local pub ...

... especially in the first few weeks. As a smoker, one also has the habit of smoking in certain places or while drinking alcohol. The places where you often pick up a pack of cigarettes should be avoided.

CigaretteFrom "social pleasure" to the nail in the coffin

The times when the “Marlboro Cowboy” rode carefree across the cinema screen and lit a cigarette with relish are over. Instead of freedom and adventure, most people today would associate his message with smoker's cough and lung cancer. The once so casual and cosmopolitan smoking has lost its fascination - smoking is no longer chic.

Otherwise you expose yourself to social pressure and passive smoking. It is best to go to places where smoking is prohibited or where there is a tendency to smoke less. A shisha bar, for example, would be an unsuitable place to stay.

# 3. Sport helps

The desire to smoke can be minimized through sporting activities. Exercise also distracts from the withdrawal symptoms, regenerates your lungs and the additional exercise helps to keep cravings in check. In addition, physical activity is an effective technique for reducing stress.

# 4. Pay attention to the diet

Some people wonder how you can gain weight so quickly during the weaning phase. Many tend to treat themselves to something greasy or sweet while quitting smoking. You should make sure that the occasional snack does not become the next addiction. Keyword: frustration eating. Exercise is a good way to work off the extra pounds.

# 5. Avoid stressful situations when quitting smoking

One reason many advise not to quit smoking on a Monday: stress. In stressful situations, people reach for a pack of cigarettes more often, so avoid potential stress triggers. Avoid annoying employees or do not elaborate on provocations.

SmokingReduction in the smoking rate - does the e-cigarette work?

Almost ten years ago it was possible to buy an e-cigarette for the first time, and since 2001 tobacco consumption has fallen sharply, especially among young people. According to research projects by the Federal Ministry of Health, however, the e-cigarette is not a decisive factor in abstinence.

However, should you get into stressful situations, it is important that you know how to deal with them. The right techniques for dealing with stress are extremely relevant.

# 6. Create strategies for coping with stress

Stress balls, regular exercise, breathing exercises, relaxing music, sexual activity, yoga ... the list of ways to deal with stress is endless. Try several things and assess which stress management method works best for you.

# 7. Create new routines

Many routine situations will trigger the urge to smoke. Situations such as: drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, sitting in a restaurant, social events with smoking friends etc. will make you want a coffin nail. Create new routines to put an end to cravings. Instead of a butt after lunch, why not take a walk? It is actually very digestive. Or instead of going on a smoking break with colleagues, do a few stretching exercises or read something.

#8th. Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Blessing or Curse?

The therapy provides for the body to be supplied with the active ingredient by means of nicotine-containing preparations instead of cigarettes. Examples of such agents or preparations are: The nicotine chewing gum or the nicotine patch. Unlike cigarettes, the agents only pass on nicotine to the organism instead of other toxins. Opinions are divided on the use of nicotine gum, nicotine patches and nicotine inhalers to help you quit smoking.

Welcome to the smokers' paradise of Germany

Germany is doing far too little to curb smoking and promote non-smoking. This is why the Federal Republic of Germany comes in penultimate place for the second time in a row in a European comparison of measures to curb tobacco consumption, followed only by Austria.

According to a study by VuMA, there were around 0.14 million people in the German-speaking population in 2015 who used drugs to quit smoking on a daily or almost daily basis. In contrast, there are 66.75 million people who did not use nicotine substitutes.

It is unclear whether the therapy contributes to smoking cessation or whether one addiction is merely replaced by another, and it varies from case to case.

However, one should never smoke during treatment with nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum, as this puts additional strain on the organism and thus the risk of cardiovascular disorders and diseases is considerably higher.

# 9. Goal setting

To start with, set yourself a day without a cigarette. The next day, do the same thing. And so on. It's better to start small than to go straight to the point of never smoking again. How often have you heard this New Year's resolution from colleagues? Or how often have you done this yourself? If you smoke five packs a day, quitting completely overnight will seem like a Herculean task to you. It is best to set realistic and actionable goals and then you will succeed in the long run.

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Welcome to the smokers' paradise of Germany

Germany is doing far too little to curb smoking and promote non-smoking. That is why the Federal Republic of Germany is second to last in a European comparison of measures to curb tobacco consumption, followed only by Austria.