Your cat will enjoy head massages

The perfect cat massage

You can pamper your kitty regularly with a relaxing massage that has many positive effects.

Last update: 03 August, 2018

Massages are also used in veterinary medicine, not only as a relaxation technique, but also as a supportive or preventive treatment for physical or emotional disorders. To improve your kitty's quality of life, you can regularly give her aCat massagespoil. You will then find various tips on this topic.

Benefits of cat massage

Massages are used for non-invasive therapies that are very effective on humans, wildlife, and pets. Various techniques are used, particularly against pain, nervousness and stress.In addition, a massage has a beneficial effect and improves comfort and quality of life.

The main therapeutic effects of massages are:

  • Excellent against nervousness and stress in everyday life,
  • for the prevention and treatment of bone and muscle problems,like arthritis, osteoarthritis and dysplasia,
  • promotes well-being and relieves pain in older or seriously ill animals,
  • helps with digestive disorders, kidney and liver problems,
  • promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates the immune system,
  • improves behavioral or emotional disorders and
  • helps control weight and diseases caused by obesity.

5 tips for a correct and easy cat massage without risks

Give your cat time

Even if you have many tasks and obligations in your everyday life, you should make time for your cat every day.

Alternative therapy or just some relaxation with your cat takes time and dedication. Take this time to focus on theCat massageto concentrate and enjoy them together with your velvet paw. Not only the quality of the massage is important,you can also increase your cat's confidence in you.

How long should a cat massage last? That depends on the animal and also on the experience of the masseur. If you are still a beginnerwe recommend 20 to 30 minutes,Experienced people can perform the massage in 10 to 15 minutes.

Prepare your cat for the massage

You need patience, skill and the right planning for a cat massage.For this therapeutic and relaxing technique, you not only need to know certain steps and strategies, the effectiveness also depends on the environment, the right ambience and the cat's mood.

If you are withoutPreparation or precision can create stress and discomfort in your kitty.A calm atmosphere and the appropriate preparation of the animal are therefore essential in order to actually benefit from the advantages of a cat massage.

First of all, you should look for a comfortable surface on which your fur nose can feel comfortable.She also needs to be safe and calm. You can use a pillow, mattress, or blanket to help your cat relax.

Now you have to help your catrelax so that you can then begin the massage.Talk to her, sing, or just keep her company until she is calm and ready.

Where is the best place to start with a cat massage?

Every cat has its favorite spots where it is particularly fond of being petted. Here you should also be with theStart cat massage.The animal will be happy and enjoy the massage.

Most cats love scratching behind the ears or under the chin,but you surely know yourself where your kitty particularly likes being petted. Begin with gentle, slow movements in this area so as not to stress the animal.

Use hands correctly for massage

Many believe that only the fingertips are used for a gentle massage, but this is not the case. This could be a nuisance to the animal.

You can use your fingertips to stimulate very sensitive areas such as the head or face.But for the cat massage it is best to use the whole hand with controlled pressure in the other areas,especially on the stomach and the side areas.

Control the cat's reaction

While you are doing the cat massage, you shouldyou watch the reactions of your velvet paw closely.If a movement is uncomfortable for the cat, you will immediately recognize this by its behavior.

If the animal tries to stand up or feels uncomfortable, it is likely that it is not in the mood for a massage. When the cat winks or purrs,then she feels good and enjoys the massage.

However, it could also be thatthe fur nose begins to scratch or bite.This means that you are applying too much pressure or not doing the massage properly. In this case, you should stop the massage and calm your cat down.