How is Tony Stark so rich

That's how much money Robert Downey Jr. got for each of his films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Downey was considered a risky choice at the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a number of reasons: He wasn't an action star, he was fundamentally uninsurable due to his checkered past, and was viewed by many as outdated. However, producer Kevin Feige and director Jon Favreau saw something in the actor and insisted that he play the role. Downey himself had confidence in the matter and agreed to accept a low salary of only $ 500,000 for "Iron Man", in addition he got a percentage of the profit of the film, with some sources even talking of up to 8 percent! The film was a hit, kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe and grossing over $ 585 million worldwide. Even if Downeys only got a 5% bonus, he should have got around $ 2 million for his first film at the MCU.

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Iron man 2

Downey was able to negotiate more money for the blockbuster sequel after the success of "Iron Man" and earned over $ 10 million plus one other bonus. While the film was not seen as overwhelming by critics, "Iron Man 2" achieved a little more internationally than its predecessor at around $ 623 million.

Total of all fees so far: 12 million dollars

The avengers

When "The Avengers" hit theaters in 2012, Downey received another $ 10 million fee for this film. That $ 10 million became his base salary for the next few films. "The Avengers" turned out to be an amazing success with sales of $ 1.5 billion worldwide. Due to the immense success of the film, the bonus payments resulted in Downey's bonus being around $ 50 million for that film.

Total of all fees so far: 72 million dollars

Iron man 3

Downey's $ 10 million salary and $ 50 million bonus continued after the success of Iron Man 3. Though the film disappointed some hardcore fans, it was the top hit solo film with Iron Man with worldwide sales of $ 1.2 billion.

Total of all fees so far: $ 122 million

Avengers - Age of Ultron

With "Avengers - Age of Ultron" the Marvel Studios made about 1.4 billion dollars in sales, making the film the financially weakest film in the Avengers series to date. However, it is estimated that Downey's profits ranged from $ 50 million to $ 80 million.

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Total of all fees so far: 172 to 202 million dollars

The First Avenger - Civil War

With "The First Avenger - Civil War" Marvel Studios brought another blockbuster to the cinemas, which grossed 1.15 billion dollars worldwide. Downey made about $ 50 million on this film. That doesn't include profit sharing and a $ 5 million bonus for outbidding sales from the previous Captain America film. It was carefully estimated that Downey went to $ 64 million this time.

Total of all fees so far: 236 to 266 million dollars

Spider-Man - Homecoming

Spider-Man is one of the world's most famous characters, and "Spider-Man - Homecoming" was Peter Parker's first solo adventure at Marvel Studios. The film itself grossed a whopping $ 880 million worldwide, and Downey made at least $ 1 million for each of his 10 minutes in the film. That adds up to a fee of between $ 10 million and $ 15 million for this film.

Total of all fees so far: 246 to 281 million dollars

Avengers - Infinity War

"Avengers - Infinity War" was the first part of the previous high point in the MCU, which Downey had started with the success of "Iron Man" 10 years ago. In the end, the film grossed more than $ 2 billion at the global box office and grossed at least $ 75 million for Downey.

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Sum of all fees so far: $ 321 to 356 million

Avengers - Endgame

With "Avengers - Endgame" we saw Downy's last appearance as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Downey's last appearance in the MCU earned him another $ 75 million, with the alleged 8% bonus for this film alone earned him an additional $ 55 million. Since the film is still in theaters, its total fee could change a little, so far the film has already made $ 2.8 billion worldwide.

Sum of all fees so far: 396 to 435 million dollars