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Swords, fists and dark forces: ten films with the most epic battles

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The fight for life and death has fascinated cinema-goers since the beginning of film history. Here are ten films that impressively show how well-made and, above all, memorable battles can be on the big screen. Whether BRAVEHEART or PRINCE OF PERSIA: IN THE SAND OF TIME, whether a monumental or fantasy film, whether an Amazon or a warrior - at the start of "Dracula Untold", CINEMA will be showing ten of the biggest screen battles.

BRAVEHEART (1995) Hollywood actor Mel Gibson slips into the role of William Wallace, who lived at the end of the 13th century, in BRAVEHEART. When his wife is executed in public, a vindictive rebel breaks out in the otherwise non-violent man. Behind the backdrop of the rugged Scottish landscape, BRAVEHEART is still one of the classics of epic battles. A war-painted Mel Gibson who fights for only one cause: FREEDOM. Legendary!
GLADIATOR (2000) It was not for nothing that Ridley Scott's monumental film GLADIATOR was awarded five Oscars in 2001. Russell Crowe's figure of Maximus Decimus Meridius even listed the US cinema magazine Empire at number 35 of the 100 most important film characters in cinema history. But GLADIATOR is not only one of the cinematic masterpieces because of its charismatic leading actor, but also because of the wonderfully choreographed battle sequences under Rome's dust-dry soil.