What is Luis Fonsi's most successful song

Luis Fonsi explains his world hit "Despacito"

He took time for an interview. Luis Fonsi is on the phone in a hotel room in Paris. The Latino star from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has managed to get more than two billion streams on YouTube and number 1 on Spotify in 17 countries with the song "Despacito". The catchy catchy tune also captured the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland took first place, in a total of 30 countries he moved up to the top 10. The 39-year-old, who has lived in Orlando in the US state of Florida since 1989, speaks English without an accent and joined the teenage band Menudo as a child The young Ricky Martin had been inspired, sees this as a completely unexpected success.

Could it be that "Despacito" heralds a change away from the English-language songs that have dominated the world for so many years?
I don't know, but I hope it is. Latino music is currently skyrocketing around the world. "Despacito" takes me out into the world. I have sung songs that were number 1 hits in Spanish-speaking countries, but "Despacito" reached countries of completely different cultural and religious nature. The song touched a lot of people very positively. It is very difficult to win in a market as complex as the English speaking one. In the last 50 years only three Latino songs got that high: "La Bamba", "Macarena" (from the Spanish "Los del Río") and now "Despacito". It only happens once in each generation.

Why could "Despacito" get so far?
There is no magic formula. The wonderful thing is that in this industry you never know in advance when a song will catch on. And that surprises you. There are songs that you think should work, but once they hit the market, they won't. Although there is no magic formula, "Despacito" distinguishes some things that work: a catchy melody, rhyming choruses and the urban pop style that Daddy Yankee (the Puerto Rican rapper, editor's note) cultivates.

Do you remember what it was like when you composed the song?
Yes. I composed it with the same guitar as the romantic ballads. I had the melody in my head and after three or four hours I finished the text together with my friend Erika Ender. After that, everything just happened by itself.

Do you remind the world for more serenity with the song?
Yes. We live in a world in which there is no more peace and in which we want everything immediately. We are sick of immediacy. I believe that there are certain things that we need to be calm about. We should leave the phones behind and enjoy the scenery, life and love. That is the parallel message of the song, which is mainly about the love of a couple.

How did you get into music?
Music has always been my life. She has always been with me, even in my childhood. I had piano, guitar, and singing lessons, day in and day out. For me it has always been more important to be a musician as a celebrity.

Have you always worked a lot with women?
Yes, especially when composing. Your perspective is important to me. For almost all of my songs, I have been inspired by women. They help me get to the heart of the central idea of ​​a song better. This way of working gives me security.

The reggaeton style deals with women in a special way. Is that macho music?
I can only talk about my music. My songs and lyrics were always romantic and lifted the woman as high as possible on a sign. There are different genres and musicians in music. There are very hard and not hard songs at all. The nice thing about music is that it's art and that everyone can express themselves however they want. After that, people can choose what they want to hear.

What will you sing at your concert in Palma de Mallorca?
It will be the second time that I come to Mallorca. I was here for the first time in 2009 during my tour "Palabras del silencio". I will present all of my successes in my concert.

Do you think a Latino can become the next President of the United States?
That would make me happy. Anything is better than Trump.

The concert in the Coliseo Balear bullring starts at 9.30 p.m.