What are the duties of the hotel manager

Hotel manager & hotel manager

Job description and tasks:
The hotel manager is the most important position in the hotel business. The management determines the philosophy, sets the prices, organizes the entire management and markets the hotel to the public. The manager of the company is present everywhere in his job. He occasionally greets the guests personally, regularly inspects the cleanliness of the rooms with the housekeeper, negotiates the menu with the chef and can also be seen in the dining room during dinner. The hotel manager is also an all-rounder who has to know his house from the basement to the attic. At the same time, if he is employed for one of the large hotel chains, he must immediately implement any company guidelines that may change. The hotel manager's most important confidants are the housekeeper, the house technician, the concierge, the head chef and many other key positions. Personnel management is also the responsibility of the hotel manager.
To qualify as a hotel manager, the IHK training as a hotel manager is advisable. Due to the fact that the hotel manager also has to take over the entire operational controlling of his house, a degree in business administration or a comparable training at larger hotel chains is a basic requirement.
A regular evening after work is an experience that a hotel manager will rarely experience. The hotel never sleeps, and neither does the management.

Salary and wages:
The average salary of a hotel director is around 50,000 euros gross per year. However, the range is enormous. It logically varies according to the size and number of nights in the hotel. The wages can change considerably due to the location of the hotel alone. It is only logical that a hotel belonging to a renowned chain on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin is more important than a smaller hotel in a suburb of Kiel.

Training and further education:
Compared to the innumerable tasks of the hotel management, extensive further training measures are of course also available. The legal situation in the catering industry is also changing rapidly. In large hotel chains, the focus is not necessarily on retraining but on qualification for the management of a larger and more important company. The internal job advertisement and application template within the group offer the hotel manager a further opportunity for promotion.

Job offers:
The typical career of respected hotel managers leads through a variety of different positions. In the hotel and catering industry in particular, diversity is expected that can only be acquired by getting to know different establishments and philosophies. Employment in the international metropolises improves the chances of a successful application. This relatively high fluctuation favors the market for job vacancies. The umbrella association of the German hotel and catering trade also regularly offers vacancies.