What makes smoked salmon so delicious

Salmon under the microscope - what makes it so special?

Oily fish: why salmon is so healthy

Salmon is one of the so-called fatty fish and contains many omega-3 fatty acids. Since our body cannot produce these on its own, we have to take them in through our diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for brain and nerve cells, they also lower the blood fat level and inhibit inflammatory reactions in the body. For these reasons, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends eating fish once or twice a week.

Topic pollution

Salmon is basically healthy. But it can also be contaminated with pollutants. As the consumer magazine Öko-Test found in December 2018, some of the smoked salmon examined contained ethoxyquin, a controversial, cancer-suspected preservative for fish feed (Öko-Test 12/2018: “Delicacy with side effects”). Another problem can be parasite infestation. In farmed salmon, antibiotics are used against the salmon louse infestation. Wild salmon can be infested with roundworms (nematodes). These are not harmful to health as they do not survive the freezing of the fish, but they are definitely unsavory.

What to watch out for when shopping for salmon?

If you want to know where the salmon came from and how it was caught, you can look out for the following seals: The ASC seal stands for fish farming with high water quality, monitored use of antibiotics and fish feed from traceable sources. The “Naturland Aquaculture” seal means that the fish are bred in organic aquaculture without genetic engineering or hormones. In addition, the salmon density must not be too high and the surrounding ecosystems should be protected. For the EU organic seal, the animals must come from organic aquaculture and the fish feed must come from organic farming. The MSC seal, on the other hand, stands for sustainable wild salmon fishing. Fish guide apps from WWF or Greenpeace, for example, offer orientation for buying salmon.


Björn Freitag shows how versatile salmon can be in the kitchen. Whether pickled salmon or a salmon cake - these dishes are creative and delicious!