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Armin Arlert

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Armin Arlert
(ア ル ミ ン ・ ア ル レ ル ト)



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People who are unable to give up will not change anything."- Chapter 27

Armin Arlert (ア ル ミ ン ・ ア ル レ ル ト,Arumin Arureruto?) is the fifteenth commander of the reconnaissance force. He is a childhood friend of Eren Jäger and Mikasa Ackermann and one of the two deuteragonists in the series.

Although he appears to be among the most physically weak of the 104th session, his intelligence and strategic genius make him an invaluable member. After the Battle of Shiganshina District, he took over the power of the Titans from Berthold Fubar and became the Colossal Titan. When Eren revealed his plans to destroy the entire outside world, Armin was one of those who spoke out against this plan and took active measures to thwart it.


Armin is quite small for his age and not physically strong, which is why he was often bullied as a child. Armin has a round face that is framed by his chin-length blond hair. Unlike Eren, he often wears a calm expression. His big blue eyes narrow slightly when he thinks about it. It is no coincidence that its appearance resembles that of Nifa.

He wears a white top and gray and white pants. Armin wears his uniform like any other soldier. Since he belongs to the reconnaissance troop, "the wings of freedom" are depicted on the shoulders and on the back of his uniform.

Armin's Titan is a thin 60 meter titan with the same shoulder-length, blonde hair as Armin. He got his titan power from Levi, who had to decide whether to let Erwin or Armin live. Levi initially opted for Erwin, but at his request, Armin received the serum.


Armin has always been very small and skinny, which is why he was often the target of teasing. Because of his shyness, he did not dare to defend himself against the constant harassment, which always meant that Mikasa or Eren had to help him. Because of this, he had little confidence in himself and found himself useless. As the story progresses, Armin develops a higher opinion of himself and begins to appreciate his talents. He grows more and more into his role as a combat strategist and tries his best to protect his friends. He makes up for his physical deficits with his brains.

His greatest wish is to see the outside world - a dream he shares with Eren. Armin is also a loyal person who does almost anything to defend his friends: when he defended Mikasa and Eren against the soldiers, even though the guns were pointed at them. During basic training, Armin was always on the verge of failure due to his physical frailty. But he showed that he was very persistent and that he had not given up despite all the adversities and always did his best to catch up: When Reiner offered him to carry his bag during training, he refused. It would have depicted him as weakly incapable of looking. Through his reaction, he has retained his dignity and demonstrated his strong will.


Since Armin is very weak physically, he is rarely spotted on the front lines or while using his equipment in the fight against the titans. But he is a very intelligent strategist. He pays great attention to small details so that his plans work. So he pays attention to the environment and the resources available.

Even Keith Shadis gives Armin the top grade, although he is physically weaker than his comrades. Keith firmly believes that Armin's ingenuity in creating new weapons and making plans will bring people to victory[2]. His plans saved the lives of many of his comrades. He also identifies the titan walkers such as the female titan. After he has proven his skills, commanders have complete confidence in him. The first in command of this kind is Dot Pixis when he sees Armin saluting with determination in front of rifles with the aim of his execution.

He is also a good leader because he can put himself in the shoes of the commanders. He explains to Jean that commanders do not know the outcome of their decision[3]. The time available to reflect is limited. Commanders must therefore make the best possible decision with the information available under time pressure. Armin can therefore understand that Erwin Smith sacrificed the lives of his comrades in order to save the lives of many people.


You don't see his family in the series. His place of residence and with whom he lives is also not shown. We know his parents were murdered. Before he joined the military, he worked on the Neue Äcker. When the military police passed him by, he says they murdered his parents to reduce the need to feed their mouths. His parents' murderer is Kenny Ackermann[4].

We also know about his grandfather, who gave him the name Armin. In the anime, the grandfather is forced to take part in the recapture of Wall Maria. This mission was carried out to decimate the population. After all, because of the great loss of territory to the Titans, it was not possible to feed all people.


Before the year 845. Armin lived in Shiganshina District with his parents and grandfather. He is a close friend of Eren's and often told him about the world outside the walls. This awakens in Eren the desire to see the outside world for himself. Armin didn't mind being beaten up and ridiculed as a heretic when he talked about the world outside the walls.


The case of Shiganshina

The first time you see Armin when some guys beat him up. Eren and Mikasa rush to help him. Later they rest near the canal for a while and talk about their desires. As evening falls, the colossal Titan appears and breaks through the wall of Maria. Eren and Mikasa run to their house and leave Armin alone. Although Armin wants to scream in fear, he suppresses it and goes in search of Hannes. Armin asks Hannes to save Eren and Mikasa because they are near the titans. He and his grandfather are waiting for Mikasa and Eren on the ship.[5]

A year later, his grandfather was sent to retake Wall Maria with the others. His grandfather dies on the mission and Armin is now alone with Mikasa and Eren.[6]

The return of humanity

After the death of his grandfather, Armin decides to join the military because he cannot bear to be unable to do anything. He is able to pass the exams and hopes that by doing so he will be able to help Eren. Since Armin is physically very weak, he does not make it into the top 10 in the grading. He was the best in the theory tests. Although his plans, which Mikasa and Eren often help, are extremely useful, he does not really want to understand.

Battle of the Trost District

Armin fears the fate of humanity when he hears about the attack on Consolation. He's shaking with fear and having trouble putting on his gear. But Eren tells him that nothing is lost yet. Armin joins von Eren's squad to protect the center of Trost. On the way he meets titans who devour his comrades. When Eren sacrifices himself for Armin, he feels responsible for it. Mikasa speaks to Armin that his strategies often save lives and that he should believe more in himself. The headquarters in Trost are besieged by titans. This prevents them from replenishing their supplies of gas and weapons. Armin's plan lured the titans away from the supply depot.

After Eren's return, the three friends are surrounded by a group of soldiers and are about to be executed. Armin and Mikasa defend Eren because he has only just come to. Eren plans to flee over the walls if the soldiers cannot be convinced. Eren tells Armin that his quick and smart thinking has often helped them. For example, when Armin went to Hannes to save her[7]. Armin is convinced and tries to explain to the soldiers that Eren is of strategic importance in the fight against the titans. After this attempt fails, Armin, in the face of the weapons pointed at him, decides to die and salutes. Dot Pixis admires his decision and prevents the three from being executed[8].

With more self-confidence, he tells the other strategists how they can regain consolation. He tells them that the soldiers should lure the titans to the walls, while Eren, the avenging titan, carries the huge rock to the hole in the wall. Armin's plan is accepted and is then to be carried out.

Later, when Eren has lost control of himself, Armin jumps on Eren's back. Armin stabs Eren's neck, but so that Eren isn't killed. He reminds Eren of his desire and hatred of the Titans. Eren, who regained his motivation through Armin's words, successfully plugs the hole in the wall.

After it was announced that Bean and Sawney had been killed, Armin and the other recruits of the 104th training session had to undergo an inspection. During the inspection, Armin, Annie Leonhardt and Connie Springer discuss which unit they want to join. Armin notices that Annie's equipment is from Marco Bott. He believes Annie killed Bean and Sawney.

On the eve of the counter-offensive

After the fight for consolation, Armin reports for the reconnaissance troop.[9]

The 57th expedition behind the wall

After joining the reconnaissance troop, the 57th expedition started behind the walls a few months later. The female Titan appears and wipes out the formation's troops. When the female titan attacks Armin, he lands hard on the ground. The Titan pushes Armin's hood back, hoping Eren is hiding underneath. But she notices that she has got the wrong person and lets Armin live.

Armin finds some things about the female Titan astonishing: She avoided killing Jean Kirschstein or him, even though she had the chance. She also reacts when Jean says he's not a "suicidal bastard". Only the cadets of the 104th training session, in which Annie was among others, know this insult. He comes to realize that Annie used Marco Bott's equipment and that she is apparently the female titan.

Later, Armin asks Annie's help to escort Eren out of Wall Sina unnoticed. Annie agrees and Armin explains that he needs the equipment to escape if the "plan" should go wrong. When they arrive at their escape route, Annie refuses to go with them. Armin takes the time and asks Annie why she used Marco's equipment. Armin explains to her that he knows exactly that it must have been Marco's equipment, because he helped repair it at the time and therefore noted special anomalies in it. Annie says she found the equipment after Marco died and used it to kill the two experimental titans. She asks Armin why he didn't come out with the truth earlier. Armin does not want to be true that Annie is to blame for all this and remains silent. It is only because she spared Armin on the field that she is now in this difficult position.

Armin tries to have Annie arrested by sending a signal. When the soldiers cover her mouth, Annie deliberately injures herself on her ring to transform herself into the female Titan. When Armin and Mikasa notice this, they run into the underground with Eren (escape route). When Armin realizes that his plan has failed, he encourages Eren to transform himself into a Titan to fight Annie. Eren tries, but fails because he doesn't want to believe that Annie is the enemy. He finds it difficult to fight against his comrades. But since they have no other choice, Armin and Mikasa run back to the surface. When Eren tries to escape through another exit, Annie attacks. Eren notices that his friends are in danger and transforms.

Clash of the Titans

After Annie has been successfully caught, Armin is with Eren and Mikasa. When he and the others save Ymir and Co, he learns that Ymir is a Titan. After the rescue operation, they make their way to the wall. There he witnesses how Bertholdt and Reiner transform themselves into a titan[10]. He gives Mikasa orders to attack. However, Berthold and Reiner manage to escape with the kidnapped Eren and Ymir[11]. Armin and his comrades come to the forest of the giant trees, where the titan walkers are[12]. Armin's fear comes true that Ymir will kidnap Historia Reiss. Erwin Smith meets the Titan wanderers with a horde of titans. So Berthold and Reiner not only fight against the reconnaissance troops, but also against titans. Armin fears that Eren could be accidentally eaten in this chaos[13]. Armin and Jean protect Mikasa and Eren after they fell from their horses. The Titan Horde come towards them. However, Eren can save them with his Coordinate ability.

The riot

Some time later, Armin is selected to be a member of the new special unit tasked with protecting Eren and Historia in an isolated forest hut. He worries about Mikasa's recovery after finding her firewood, even though Eren insists she is already cured. Sasha's nostalgia for her time in the 104th training session, Armin wonders why they were chosen to protect Eren and Historia. A brief argument breaks out when Armin notices that Sascha is trying to steal a loaf of bread from her stores and that her friends confront her.

After the group rallies with Hanji, who informs them that Nick was found dead and murdered that morning, Armin wonders how much he would have revealed, even though Levi suspects he didn't give anything away. He was also there when Historia told the Special Forces about her past, the murder of her mother and the events that led to her being drafted into the Scout Troop.