Why is public administration important

Public administration

If you want to help shape administrative processes and strive for a responsible position in the civil service, you should take a look at the working world of “upper and higher service”. From the foreign service to the police and tax administration to customs - officials are wanted everywhere who assert the interests of the citizens and the state. With a university degree, you will usually take on demanding specialist and management positions in public administration.

If your strengths are mainly in the technical area, then the working world of "upper and higher technical service" could be of interest to you. After studying engineering or science, there are numerous opportunities in the technical service - whether agricultural administration, civil engineering, fire brigade, trade supervision, environmental administration or surveying.

If you would like to work for the state, that does not automatically mean that you have to pursue a career as a civil servant. In the working world of “employees in public administration” you will be shown alternative employment opportunities. For example, you can work as an administrative clerk at a municipality, as a business economist keep an eye on the income and expenses of the pension insurance or as a lawyer advise state bodies on legal issues.