Are all the concepts we have learned true?

School of the future : "We are neither the same nor can we learn the same way"

How was learning for you in the spring during school closings and hybrid classes? Do you want to take some of this with you into the future?
Eva: In the twelfth grade, we had no fixed lessons, but assignments that we were supposed to submit online. The students have had very different experiences with it. Some did not get along with it and needed the support of the teachers on site. Others felt more free and were able to manage their time better. It was the same with me. I'm not that morning person and then I could start later. The lesson I draw from this is that there needs to be more openness and flexibility in school when it comes to learning. Hybrid teaching and digital forms of learning have been added, and now the task is to combine everything for the time after Corona and to design it in such a way that it fits everyone.

Yola: It worked very well for me too. In the tenth grade we had a fixed schedule, every day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. During this time we should work. The structure helped me. To strengthen the sense of community, we had a school podcast, "ESBZ on Air", where we could also share our experiences with learning at home. I will take with me for the future that you can work differently and sometimes at home.

Antonio: In fact, it wasn't such a good time for me. I felt alone. You couldn't really talk to each other. There were digital meetings, but for me that didn't replace the feeling you have when you're in school. For me it would also be sad if we were only taught something via the computer. It's nice when people come together, learn together and share their knowledge.