Why can't I find a homosexual

Theories on the Origin of Homosexuality

For some lesbians and gays or for those around them, the question of why they are homosexual is important.

But why do you want to explain sexual orientation? Often behind this is the desire not to explain homosexuality, but rather to justify or even want to change it. Accepting human diversity and understanding differences as an enrichment is more important than looking for the cause.

There are many different theories about the emergence of sexual orientations that cannot be scientifically proven, but help to perpetuate prejudice.

Biological causes?

Some theories believe in genetic causes, that is, in the existence of a "gay / lesbian gene". Today the human genome has long been deciphered: there is no gene for sexual orientation.

The thesis that the mother's hormonal balance during pregnancy is the cause of the child's development of sexual orientation has now also been refuted.

Social factors?

Other theories see social factors as the cause of homosexual development, such as certain parenting styles, a dominant mother, an absent father or the position in the sibling order. Statistically speaking, homosexual people have the same experiences in childhood as heterosexual people: Certain parenting styles, divorce or death of parents and other decisive experiences are no more common in the childhood of homosexual people than in the childhood of heterosexual people. It follows that parenting, divorce, the death of a parent, or other childhood occurrences have no bearing on whether someone becomes straight or homosexual.

Seduction theory?

The so-called "seduction theory" is particularly persistent. It is based on the assumption that a heterosexual adolescent is seduced into sexual contact by an older person, although the adolescent does not want this, and then becomes homosexual as a result of this one-off sexual contact. This theory has long been scientifically refuted. Most homosexuals know deep down that they feel like they are the same sex many years before their first sexual experience. They also have their sexual experiences with partners of the same age. Before coming out, many homosexual people also had relationships with the opposite sex without having been 'seduced' into heterosexuality as a result.

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