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Iran's Fames of Calligraphy and Calligraphic Painting by Zahra Asadi Nejad (2017, Trade Paperback)

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  • From many years ago I wondered whether there are any books in English for calligraphers? Calligraphy which is a 500-year old art eye catching and pleasing for art lovers from the time of Mir Ali Tabrizi. I thought to myself whether names of the great artists of this magnificent art are mentioned at the international level? Artist who can with certainty told that they dedicated their whole life in the promotion of this art in its best way. After reviewing, I realized that such a book about the biography and introduction of early and contemporary works of calligraphy- painting and calligraphers does not exist or at least I did not find a language other than Farsi. I decided to publish a book with new quality and after discussion with Dr. Ghanbari, Master Qolam Hossein Amirkhani and Master Ali Shirazi, a gathering organized under the title of "Photo for a date" at Tehran's Evin Hotel dated 22/02/2015 with the overwhelming presence of outstanding masters of calligraphy and calligraphy-painting with a lecture of Master Amirkhani and a famous philosopher Dr. Qolam Hossein Ebrahimi Dinani. I have asked all masters, even those that for some reasons could not attend the ceremony, to deliver their own biography along with some work samples to me in order to publish and release this book in the United States. Although the list of this art masters may not be completed because of my limited information as some of works and biographies has not delivered to me until the book publication, but it is prepared under the supervision of some masters attended the ceremony and if there is any shortcoming, it will be compensated in the next version. Also I did not hesitate to mention the name of those great ancient masters however I couldn't find their works with good quality. I am grateful for the help and great tips of Master Ali Shirazi to collect these art works and also thank Mr. Alireza Azizi who provided some ancient works for me. Although I am sure that there is no income for me economically from this book, but my love and interest in this art made me spend a lot of time to compiled this book to attempt however small to introduce the artists of this field at the international level . Zahra Asadi Nejad

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